Paying cab fare with Weed doesnt work

“What was he smoking?” is often just a joke when someone does something bizarre.

But consider the case of a man arrested in Old City for offering a cabbie a substitute for cash.

Michael Medvec, 23, allegedly tried to pay with pot.

Apparently, while police were on the scene.

“He just tries to slip him, out of view of the officers, you know, a bag of marijuana to pay for the fare,” Sixth District Capt. Brian Korn says on a CBS3 video.

Officers stopped because the taxi was double parked Friday night on Chestnut Street, and learned that a guy who owed about $8 left his phone to assure the cabbie he’d be back with cash, Korn said.

“He returns a short time later, and he still doesn’t have any money,” Korn says.

That’s when Medvec allegedly offered his herbal remedy.

Medvec wound up under arrest, charged with marijuana possession, according to court records, which describe him as Caucasian with black hair and green eyes.

Medvec was released on his own recognizance Saturday, and faces a status hearing Monday.

Korn told CBS3 that he’d never heard of a similar case in 33 years on the force, and that he felt sorry for the driver, who might have to miss work to appear in court.

Neither Korn nor the arresting officer was available for comment this morning.

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