Bill Gates to build the MicroSoft Condom

Bill Gates Wants to Build a Better Condom

Bill Gates Wants to Build a Better Condom

Condoms are not a new technology, they are already available pretty much everywhere in the world and according to many experts they’ve helped millions of people in a number of ways. Obviously condoms are important in the worldwide fight against STDs but now Bill Gates and his foundation are hoping to improve on them once again. Bill Gates apparently started this program because he feels it could have a significant impact worldwide, currently there are millions of people dying from STDs because they do not use condoms for one reason or another.

The overall goal of Gates’ challenge is to create a condom that is not only effective but will also be used. In order to achieve this he insists that the condoms must be very cheap and should also be as minimal as possible in order to get past the current stigma many condoms have. Gates is hopeful that someone will step up to his challenge and if someone is successful he had pledged to provide significant funding to make it a reality.

This is great news because it could save millions of lives and put an end to the unnecessary spread of various diseases. Third world countries in particular are Gates’ target but he also hopes that the improved condoms will help in America and other developed countries as well.

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