Young girl gives away $20,000 cash in school


Recently, a 12-year-old middle school girl brought a backpack to school crammed full of money. The backpack contained $20,000 and the girl began handing it out to her friends by the handful.


The girl, who remains unidentified, got the cash from another child whose home is across the street from her parents’ Taylor, Mich. home according to Mary Sclabassi, the Police Chief. Taylor is a suburb of Detroit.

School officials became concerned when they saw the child handing out $100 bills. Some classmates received as much as $500. The school principal called police when she learned of the child’s unusual generosity. All of the money was recovered according to police.

Sclabassi said there was concern for the student’s safety if word about the cash had reached more than just 12-year-olds. The child’s neighbors have since claimed their money but police are still investigating the strange turn of events.

Teresa D. Winnie, the assistant principal of the roughly 700-student Sixth Grade Academy middle school in the Taylor School District said they had no protocols for such an incident. No child was in danger, she said and confirmed that police are now handling the matter.

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