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GRST Healthcare Corp.


Mission Statement

To be the trusted partner to organizations and their executive workforce by providing executives with seamless access to the health and performance professionals they need, when they need it, to perform at their best in the workplace.

GreeneStone Healthcare Corporation

GreeneStone Healthcare Corporation is a Colorado Corporation incorporated under Colorado Law on April 1, 1993. GreeneStone Healthcare Corporation has developed and is operating Medical Clinics in the province of Ontario, Canada under the Greenestone label. There are two subsidiary’s operating clinics providing government paid services and private paid services. These clinics primarily offer addiction treatment, cardiology and endoscopy procedures.

The challenge with most Executive health programs isn’t in the quality of the services they provide, it’s in the delivery. Executive medicals, counselling and coaching services are delivered by a variety of vendors, each one focused on providing only one service. While they can provide referrals to other services, there’s no communication between them to ensure that their clients have all the help they need. The process focuses on service delivery rather than the client.

Physical health, emotional wellbeing and performance are all interconnected. After examining most Executive Health Programs, we realized that integrating these three aspects of Executive health and wellness was critical to addressing Executives’ real “health” needs.

At GreeneStone, we feel it’s our job to recognize each Executive’s unique and diverse needs as they arise. Our case management approach focuses on assessing the client’s needs and collaborating with specialists to address these needs with integrated services.

Our process is simple and seamless:

We offer initial intake by a highly-trained case manager who facilitates triage to best-in-class physicians, clinicians and coaches.

Specialists communicate with each other and with the client within a holistic context which leads to a better experience for the Executive and better outcomes overall. We focus on continuity and quality in case management and total client experience throughout the process with the highest regard for professionalism and confidentiality.

Seamless cross-referrals from one program to another enable clinical efficacy, operational efficiency, proactive problem-solving and comprehensive support for the full range of health and performance-compromising problems Executives may face.

Internet Radio Interview:

The interview can be heard at

GreeneStone’s Chief Executive Officer, Shawn Leon, called into to go over the business model, market, recent news for company, and the goals for GRST in 2013. GreenStone recently reported total revenues increase of 230% to $5,540,909, as compared to $1,678,804 for same period in 2011.

Greenestone Healthcare Corp.

5734 Yonge Street, Suite 300 • New York, ONT M2M 4E7 • Phone: (416) 222-5501


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