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Low Cost Rural High-Speed Internet is Here!
ERF wireless, Inc.

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Affordable High Speed Internet for Rural America

Today, the industry has a third option – high-speed, wireless broadband connectivity through Energy Broadband. ERF Wireless provides secure, high-capacity wireless and other communications products and services to a broad spectrum of customers in underserved rural and suburban areas.

We provide high quality broadband services, as well as basic communications services to residential, commercial, oil and gas, banking, healthcare and educational customers in those areas that are traditionally unable to receive such services. We are also a comprehensive solutions provider to other enterprise customers, providing them with a wide array of communications services, including high-speed broadband and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone and facsimile service.

By combining increased bandwidth, speed of deployment, mobility and competitive pricing, EBI can build private networks that deliver:

  • Real-time data transfer and management
  • 3D and 4D data remote processing and collaboration
  • Data collaboration over several layers of subcontractors
  • Field optimization scenario planning
  • True integration of data, knowledge and disciplines
  • Visualization systems, techniques and immersive technology
  • Traditional services of network and voice

Working closely with our strategic partners, Energy Broadband is developing cutting-edge Digital networks that combine exceptional value with reliability and security to replace expensive satellite VPN circuitry. For less than the cost of “renting” expensive satellite circuits, enterprise customers can now choose to “own and control” their own static and remote ultra-high-speed network system that is reliable, easy to maintain and accommodates real-time applications.

Business Description:

ERF Wireless, Inc. (the Company), a fully reporting public company trading on the Nasdaq OTC Electronic Bulletin Board exchange under the symbol “ERFW.OB”, provides wireless communications products and services on a nationwide basis; including the Company’s core focus of providing reliable, high-speed wireless broadband internet services. Through its three operating divisions, the Company provides solutions and services to different segments of the wireless industry. The Company’s Wireless Broadband Division provides wireless broadband products and services and is in the early stages of building or acquiring a seamless wireless broadband network throughout North America to serve private entities, cities, municipalities and the general public. The Company’s Paging Hardware Division provides paging infrastructure equipment while the Company’s Contact Wireless Division provides retail cellular and paging products and services.

ERF Wireless, Inc.

2911 South Shore Blvd., Suite 100 • League City, Texas 77573 • Phone: (281) 538-2101 Art Graphic of a Flat Green Dollar Bill Cartoon Character Holding a Dollar Bill

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The ERFB family of the CEO has invested approximately 70% of all of the outside capital needed to grow the company from it’s formation to it’s current size, and will continue to provide a $12 million dollar credit facility to the company.

The Dakota Capital Fund has provided a $3 million dollar finance package for the use of accelerating the growth of the wireless broadband division in the oil and gas industry.

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ERFB is on the Bounce and now is a great time to join in!

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ERFB News is out! Sept. 24, 2013

ERF Wireless Adds High-Performance VSAT Capability to Satisfy Oil & Gas Customer Needs for Extremely Remote Drilling Operations

LEAGUE CITY, TX, Sept. 24, 2013 – (Accesswire) – ERF Wireless (ERFB), the operator of the nation’s largest terrestrial wireless broadband network servicing the domestic oil and gas sector, announced today that the company has recently acquired and has already put into customer service ten trailer-mounted self-acquiring VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) units to provide high-bandwidth broadband Internet and data communications services to current customers whose oil and gas drilling operations in extremely remote locations are not accessible to the ERF Wireless broadband network system through one of the company’s fleet of 134 MBTs (Mobile Broadband Towers). These high-performance VSAT units are owned by ERF Wireless and are operated on one of the world’s larger satellite networks.

Tim Maxson, COO of ERF Wireless, stated, “At the request of our oil and gas customers, we’ve initially provided our self-deploying VSAT service to operators in the new Cline Shale region of the Permian. This play stretches for approximately 1.6 million acres in West Texas and early indications are that demand will remain strong for these units in this play due to a lack of competitive broadband providers as well as EBI’s geographical ability to support the customer in one of the largest shale plays ever discovered in North America. We are continuing to listen to our customers and are constantly acquiring additional units to meet our customers’ demands. We are leveraging the use of VSATs where our customers operate in extremely remote environments. This adds value to our business due to the virtually parallel revenues our VSAT units contribute. This contribution is significant, stable and has a recurring effect that allows us to gain an economy of scale on our terrestrial network. This of course translates into higher utilization and lower operating costs.

Maxson went on to say, “Although the use of an MBT through ERF’s terrestrial network is still the preferred communication method, these premium, self-deploying VSAT units are far superior to the typical smaller VSATs that the oil and gas industry has been using for decades and have technical capabilities that give the customer the best communications possible prior to terrestrial networks being constructed in these extremely remote areas. We look forward to staying ahead of the needs of our customers by providing innovative and secure communications solutions in remote areas that help achieve their goals regardless of where exploration and subsequent operations take them.

The U.S. Energy Information Agency has said the Cline Shale is the largest discovery in the last 50 years in the Permian Basin and could exceed all the oil in Mexico and Venezuela combined, with some predictions that as much as 30 billion barrels of oil could be recovered.

About ERF Wireless

ERF Wireless Inc. is a fully reporting public corporation located in League City, Texas, and is the parent company of Energy Broadband Inc., ERF Enterprise Network Services, ERF Wireless Bundled Services, ERF Wireless Messaging Services and ERF Network Operations. The company specializes in providing wireless and broadband product and service solutions to enterprise, commercial and residential clients on a regional, national and international basis. Its principals have been in the wireless broadband, network integration, triple-play FTTH, IPTV and content delivery business for more than 40 years. For more information regarding our products or services please call 1-(888) 770-7052, visit our websites at and or call 281-538-2101 to contact the company. (ERFBG)


ERF Wireless Inc.
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