Subject: MediFirst (MFST) Boldly Moving Forward in 2014!

Subject: MediFirst (MFST) Boldly Moving Forward in 2014!

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Boldly Moving Forward in 2014!
Full Bull Horns Ahead!
MediFirst Solutions (Ticker: MFST) Boldly Moving Forward in 2014! 

Using cutting-edge and innovative technology, we have created exciting new healthcare and medical services and products for the healthcare and mental health industry.  We are dedicated to provide innovative drug free and pain free treatments, services and products for people to make better and healthier choices and improve their quality of life. 

With the first quarter of 2014 in the books,

Medifirst is revenue positive and continues on a path of steady growth.

Said Schoengood, “We have been very patient putting our infrastructure in place and now we are beginning to see the benefits in terms of revenue and growth.”

The company is in the final stages of completing an agreement that would align Medifirst Solutions with one of the most sought-after and prestigious businesses headquartered in the state of Florida.

Upon completion of the agreement, Medifirst plans to have a formal
announcement in the upcoming days or weeks.

 The Medical Marijuana Industry is Red Hot and therefore should be considered as a serious investment choice!

The “legal” medicinal cannabis marketplace has been estimated at $1.7 billion last year. Both the hemp and marijuana / cannabis markets are fragmented. Although over 30 of the world’s top industrialized countries allow hemp to be grown, it still remains illegal in the US – a carryover from the stigma created back in the 1930’s. Many countries and an increasing number of US States have recognized / legalized “medical marijuana” so slowly the tide is shifting as research shows there are benefits for certain patients who use medicinal cannabis.
CEO Schoengood Gives Investors a Medical Marijuana Update!

Medifirst has created an advisory board for its recently announced
medical and legal marijuana division. Stated CEO Schoengood,

“I’m pleased to announce the addition of a medical doctor and attorney who have both accepted our invitation to join our newly formed board.

With medical marijuana right around the corner in Florida, Medifirst is
in negotiations to launch a brick and mortar food related business. The
strategy here would be to create both a viable business now and one
that, because it is already operational and registered, can
expeditiously transition into the legal marijuana service industry.
Stated Schoengood,

“If we can get an early foothold, we hope to be at
the front of the line for state approvals and licenses.”

With polls showing unprecedented levels of approval for legal marijuana, Florida
seems very likely to have its push for legalization to continue to be fast-tracked

All eyes are on Florida, where a medical marijuana initiative has made the ballot. Florida is a very significant state in the battle for safe access. If/when Florida voters approved Proposition 2 in November, Florida will become the first Southern state to legalize medical marijuana. Florida has a lot of reach beyond it’s borders too, as many seniors spend their winters there, many people have family there, and it’s also a hot travel destination for many people. A lot of influential people live in Florida, and I’m confident that once they see how well medical marijuana works, they will do more to make medical marijuana a reality nationwide.
According to a new poll released by the University of North Florida, “Seventy-four percent of registered voters polled responded that they would vote “yes” for Proposition 2, allowing the medical use of marijuana for individuals with debilitating diseases as determined by a licensed Florida physician.”

About Medifirst Solutions, Inc.

Medifirst Solutions, Inc. is a Nevada corporation that is headquartered in New Jersey. The company seeks innovative medical and healthcare products and technologies which are targeted to both medical and healthcare professionals as well as everyday consumers. Medifirst Solutions is developing and establishing both consumer and professional medical and cliental to be used as a pipeline that will allow for distribution of our new products and services. For more details visit for more information. Medifirst Solutions will continue to offer its services under its recently announced Health and Wellness Division, Medi-First Light Therapy Systems. Visit and for more product information.

MediFirst (MFST) is looking to take advantage of the Florida Medical Marijuana Market and this could be an opportune time for investors to take advantage of the Medical Marijuana Stock Craze.  
MediFirst Solutions / MFST
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