Smart Technology Pioneers Step Up Development with Advancements for Virtual Wallets and SmartWatches – Newest Smart Wallet Product Sets to Launch

Smart Technology Pioneers Step Up Development with Advancements for Virtual Wallets and SmartWatches – Newest Smart Wallet Product Sets to Launch

Biometrics companies continue to enhance developments and patent pending products for smart technology as consumer demand rises: NXT-ID, Inc. (OBB:NXTD) , Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) , Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) , Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) and Symantec Corporation (NASDAQ:SYMC)

NXT-ID, Inc., (OBB:NXTD) a biometric authentication company focused on the growing m-commerce market, announced the release of a recent Florida radio interview with Mr. Gino Pereira, CEO of NXT-ID, Inc., in which he discusses the launch of the Company’s next generation, biometrically secure smart wallet, Wocket™.

In this interview which took place on May 2, 2014, Mr. Pereira discussed Wocket™’ s launch and entry into the smart wallet market on Florida’s WMEL Newsmakers Line – Information Overload Hour with host John Harper. The interview is part of a six-week series on WMEL, discussing the Company’s full suite of biometric products and technologies. NXT-ID, Inc.’s technology and development team is based in Palm Bay Florida.

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Wocket(TM) is a smart wallet in the same vein as the smart phone and smart watch. NXT-ID is introducing its innovative, patent-pending Wocket(TM) as the next natural step in the evolution of smart devices. Wocket(TM) is a next generation smart wallet designed to replace all the cards in your wallet, with no smart phone required. The Wocket works anywhere credit cards are accepted and only works with your biometric stamp of approval. NXT-ID is currently ready to launch its marketing campaign for Wocket(TM) with a series of CNBC ads airing during prime-time hours commencing the week of May 12th.

According to recent reports, Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) has published a patent for a smart watch that has analysts wondering if the company will give Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) a run for its money in the smart watch department. Apple is rumored to be developing its iWatch for release as early as sometime this year. Microsoft, meanwhile, filed this patent back in 2012, which indicates it has been a project for quite some time now. The patent lists various functions, including that of a heart rate monitor.

Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) is also making waves with the recent announcement its smart wallet platform is currently being tested for Google Glass, the company’s high-tech smart glasses. Reports state this function would allow users to send money conveniently by using simple gestures or voice commands.

Symantec Corporation (nasdsaq:SYMC) announced an entirely new approach to advanced threat protection (ATP), unveiling a roadmap of integrated solutions that demonstrates the security innovation power that only it can deliver to help customers solve their most complex problems. This approach is fueled by two new offerings, Symantec Managed Security Services – Advanced Threat Protection and Symantec Advanced Threat Protection Solution, which correlate alerts and intelligence across a range of security technologies to deliver more comprehensive attack prevention. Symantec’s holistic methodology captures the benefits achieved when security technologies work together, transforming the complex fight against advanced threats into a manageable function that delivers stronger protection and more value to businesses. Symantec’s innovative security technologies and global intelligence already provide strong advanced threat protection, and the company will build on this core heritage to develop defenses that protect as sophisticated attacks evolve. The company’s new ATP efforts will be informed by what Symantec has learned about advanced threats though its existing endpoint solutions that protect a base of 200 million endpoints, and from its current email and web security solutions that review over 8.4 billion email messages and 1.7 billion web requests a day. is leading provider of third party publishing & news dissemination services . If you would like more information regarding our news coverage solutions, please visit for more details. Get an edge on the market with our Premium News Alerts that are FREE for a limited time at . Follow us on Facebook: and Twitter: .

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