Subject: Energy Revenue America (Ticker ERAO) Americas Energy Independence

Subject: Energy Revenue America (Ticker ERAO) Americas Energy Independence

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Energy Revenue America, Inc. (Ticker: ERAO) addressing one of the United States’ greatest challenges — energy independence.
Energy Revenue America, Inc. is Focused on Natural Gas in the Cherokee Basin

At Energy Revenue American, Inc., we are helping address one of the United States’ greatest challenges — energy independence.

High-Quality Coal Bed Methane
Energy Revenue America, Inc is focused on drilling Coal bed Methane natural gas wells in Nowata County in the Northeastern corner of Oklahoma in the Cherokee Basin.
Oklahoma has the 3rd largest natural gas proven reserves in the US.

Our goal is to drill 72 wells a year for the next 5 years.
Our expert staff and high-tech facilities combine to seek out pockets of CBM (coal bed methane), extract it from the ground, and deliver for sale via our pipeline some of the best and most affordable natural gas of its kind.
Energy Revenue America, Inc.  Is vertically integrated and participates in all four of these steps. 

•Exploration is how natural gas is found, and how companies decide where to drill wells for it.  

•Extraction is the drilling process, and how natural gas is brought from its underground reservoirs to the surface.  

•Production is what happens once the well is drilled; including the processing of natural gas once it is brought out from underground.  

•Transport is how the natural gas is transported from the wellhead and processing plant, using the extensive network of pipelines throughout North America. 

Company Overview and Focus
Energy Revenue America, Inc. was founded in October 2010 and is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and is engaged in the exploration, development, production, and marketing of natural gas. 
Energy Revenue America, Inc. is focused on the acquisition, development and exploration of unconventional natural gas projects, primarily Coal Bed Methane (CBM) and seeks to acquire and develop properties with significant undeveloped potential and apply technical and operating expertise to maximize the value of these resources. The goal is to recognize the value in a transaction and to provide the capital to enhance that projects value to the benefit of all parties.  Energy Revenue America as an energy company will provide assets, i.e. leases, pipeline, production, etc.
Energy Revenue America focuses on applying a combination of technology and execution to create value for its investors.  These technologies involve cutting edge exploration techniques including 3-D seismic, micro seismic, horizontal drilling and multi- stage high volume/high rate stimulations.
In addition to Energy Revenue America technological expertise, the team has substantial acquisition, business development, and financial experience that allow the company to efficiently accumulate properties and develop unique and win/win opportunities with its partners.
Energy Revenue America has purchased the Envirotek Fuel Systems (Envirotek) which is a 65 mile pipeline with 3,000 acres in the Cherokee basin and three compressors presently transporting gas. ERA has options on an additional 10,000 acres in Nowata County, Oklahoma, (north of Tulsa, OK.) and will add an additional 235 miles of pipeline to the Envirotek system. The pipeline addition will be achieved through a combination of acquisitions and adding new pipeline to the present Envirotek pipeline. As ERA extends the pipeline, carries more gas and interfaces with more producers, the value of the pipeline will increase significantly.
Over the next 5 years Energy Revenue America expects to drill in excess of 500 wells on the 13,000 acres. For every well completed, the reserve value for future gas and oil from the wells becomes a value to ERA as future income. ERA estimates that gas reserves at the end of year 2 will exceed $80M and at the end of year 3 over $150M.
Energy Revenue America has a distinct advantage by owning their own pipeline network and controlling thousands of acres of leases on land surrounding the pipeline. The pipeline gives ERA a competitive advantage over other companies that must pay approximately 25% of their revenue to transport their gas production. Ownership of the pipeline, control of 13,000 acres alone the pipeline and the buildup of gas reserves for future years revenue will create value for the employees, owners and shareholders of ERA. 
Energy Revenue America, Inc. / Ticker ERAO
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