Therapy Cells (TCEL) ❤ Tissue and Organ Repair

Subject: Therapy Cells (TCEL) ❤ Tissue and Organ Repair

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Therapy Cells (TCEL)  has developed a unique method of tissue transplantation to aid in the repair and regeneration of damaged, diseased, torn or ruptured musculoskeletal cells and organs in the human.
“Therapy Cells has developed a novel and highly efficient method of growing tendon and articular cartilage for auto transplantation into individual, affected patients.”
The company has developed new cell theory that dispenses with the notion that cells cannot divide once they are fully mature.  TCEL has shown that adult cells, given the right environment, can in fact divide and be grown in the laboratory.

Therapy Cell has developed a methodology that allows adult cells to divide and grow in controlled laboratory conditions.  These new cells can then be used for transplantation back to damaged tissue to enact tissue and organ healing.
“Therapy Cells has been used for Growth and Transplantation”

Tendons and ligaments and Articular cartilage They have also applied this technology to successfully grow pancreatic cells, for treatment of diabetes, and cardiac cells for the treatment of heart disease, as well as other cell types from many other tissues.

Therapy Cells has shown that given the right culture conditions, these cell types can be grown into millions of new cells, and then successfully transplanted back into the injured tissue of the individual who has donated the cells, leading to tissue repair with one’s one cells.
The need for tissue and organ repair is growing. This is due to the continual growth of our population, coupled with individual needs to maintain good health. And, as our population grows, so does the number of older people seeking to maintain optimal activity levels.

USA  Patent  Granted  for  Revolutionary  Cell Therapy.

Therapy  Cells  Inc  (TCEL) announces that a US  patent US  11/702,895 was awarded  to renowned  scientist  Dr  Patrick  Casey and  Transplantation  Ltd, for  his transformational cell  therapy,  exclusively license to Therapy  Cells  Inc  for use in human  applications.

This  revolutionary  science  dispenses  with  the  traditional  notion  that  cells  cannot  divide  once  they  are  fully  mature.  Dr  Casey  has  shown  that  adult  cells,  given  the  right  environment,  can in  fact  divide  and  be grown  in  the  laboratory.  These  new  cells  can  then  be  used  for  transportation  back  to  damaged  tissue  in  the  body,  to  enact  tissue  and  organ  healing. The  research  team  headed  by  Dr  Casey  has to  date  treated more  than  80 horses  including thoroughbreds,  standardbreds polo  ponies and  horses  at  the  highest  level  of  equestrian  competition

“With  a  growing  level  of  trial  success  in  horses,  Therapy  Cells’ target  is  to  gain  FDA  approval, and  in  short order  have  human  applications  in  human  tendons,” Dr  Casey says.  “An  initial  valuation  of  30  million for our  science  and technology  has  been  appraised.    FDA  approval  for  clinical  use  of  this  technology in humans, will  likely  increase  this  factor  by  at  least  10  times”. The  horse  is  an  FDA  approved  model species  for  athletic  injuries. 
Dr  Casey  is  a  Veterinary  graduate  from  Massey  University  (BVSc,  1988),  and  graduate  from  the University  of  California  in  1992  with  a  Doctor  of  Philosophy  (PhD,  Comparative  Pathology).  During  his time  in  the  Unite
d  States  he  also  completed  an  Equine  Surgical  Internship  at 
Hagyard‐Davidson  and McGee,  Lexington,  Kentucky,  followed  by  a  three  year  residency  programme  in  Equine  Reproduction, with  a  minor  in  Equine  Medicine  at  UC  Davis. In  1992,  1993,  and  1994  he  received  a 
post‐doctoral fellowship  from  the  Equine  Research  Laboratory  at  the  University  of  California,  which  allowed  him  to  set  up  with  the  late,world  renowned, Professor  Liggins  at  the  University  of  Auckland,  New  Zealand.
Since 2011,  Dr  Casey has  been  chief  scientific  consultant  to a  public company  in  the  USA‐Therapy  Cells Inc  (TCEL  on  the OTC  Market).    
This  exciting  Bio  Tech/Med  tech  Company  holds  the  exclusive  technology  that  allows  adult  cells  from  a  specific  tissue  (e.g.  Achilles  tendon)  to  grow  again  from  an  individual  to  enact  repair  and  regeneration  of that  tissue,  
effectively  by‐passing  the  need  for  Stem  Cell  treatment.
Recent Accumulation in the Stock Chart may be a very Bullish Indicator of Breaking news on the horizon! 
FDA Approval to begin clinical trials on humans could have a very positive effect on the share price. This is cutting edge technology that could have an very positive impact on each and every on of us! 
Therapy Cells, Inc. / (Ticker: TCEL)
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