The Wocket – one card for everything, unlocked

US identity specialist NXT-ID formally launches its next-gen wallet.

The Wocket is a physical product – a small plastic pouch inside which is a single smart card.

Users place any credit, debit, gift or loyalty card inside the Wocket. It scans them and retains the details.

It can store about 10,000.

The user then scrolls the screen, chooses the card and unlocks it to the Wocket smart card.

It’s all protected by biometrics, which makes it safe. Effectively the card is dumb and worthless till its unlocked.

The product is available to order at at $149.99.

You’re probably thinking it sounds like Coin, another single smart card that replaces multiple products.

But there are differences.

Users load new cards into Coin by scanning them into a phone and managing them via a smartphone app.

Wocket doesn’t require a phone or app.

Gino Pereira, CEO of NXT-ID, said, “Today is a milestone for both NXT-ID and consumers that are concerned about the security of their wallet. We designed the Wocket specifically for the consumer of today that is still not willing to put all their payment and identity info on their smartphone. We believe Wocket is the solution that addresses security issues that consumers care about but still is convenient and easy to use.”

It can store about 10,000.

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