Subject: American ✪ Fiber (AFBG) is Recycling Huge Profits!

Subject: American ✪ Fiber (AFBG) is Recycling Huge Profits!

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American Fiber Green Products (Ticker: AFBG)
 We use recycled scrap fiberglass products from landfills and manufacture useful products such as general planking or boards for Marine Decking and Seawalls. Finished products will also be produced on a large scale  and sold as Park Benches and Picnic Tables.

American Fiber Green Products (AFBG)

Our primary focus will be to recycle fiberglass, produce products from recycled material and sell license agreements for its process.

The Company has developed, tested and previously placed into limited commercial production, a new technology for fiberglass reclamation manufacturing. It has adapted this technology to establish a manufacturing business. From the research and development in the early stages many different products have been prototyped and tested. Building on this foundation, management has determined that the pilot plant to be constructed in Florida and will produce general planking or boards for marine decking and seawalls. Marketing the planking will help to “brand” our name through park benches and picnic tables as part of our first line of finished goods.

We provide a legacy to those who want to change the world.

The focus of American Fiber Green Products, Inc., as a publicly owned holding company, is to bring together synergistic companies that not only make for a cleaner earth, but generate increasing revenues and profits to reward investors who join us in leaving a legacy for our children and their children.

Amour Fiber Core Inc. and American Leisure Products Inc., two separate and distinctive interests, take fiberglass, recycle it, and then manufacture products you want to last 400 years. If you are a Fiberglass manufacturer, you need to partner with us.

Research shows fiberglass waste from the manufacturing process, taken to a landfill, will be there in 400 years. The glass does not break down. The Amour Fiber process, saves it from the landfill, recycles it with our patented process, and then turns it into products you want to last — like railroad ties, sea walls, and items we use everyday like picnic tables.

Recycled plastic has been with us for some time; however, you can’t always use the material for long-term structural items. The Amour process has been tested with the following:
  • A flame torch was taken to a sample of the material and didn’t melt or start on fire.
  • A 36-foot beam was driven into the earth with a 2.5 ton hammer. When the beam hit rock 28 feet below, the hammer kept pounding the beam. It didn’t break. If  wood or steel would have been used, the beam would have been destroyed.
  • Freezing weather, 50 below zero? Steel shatters, wood breaks down over time, Amour products remain.

Fiberglass is the answer to so many needs in our world. But what do you do with the waste generated from the creation of it?

For a generation it has been taken to landfills, and this has to stop. Landfills around the world are filled with fiberglass that does not decompose. These products include shower stalls, sinks, ATM machine “surrounds”; bank displays, boats, airplanes, wind blades.

Partnering with us as a fiberglass manufacturer, investor, consumer, concerned citizen, or government entity allows you to join our cause to leave a lasting legacy for us all.

Amour Fiber Core has developed and is testing structural, industrial, marine and commercial products utilizing recycled fiberglass materials, which can then be manufactured and marketed on an economical basis. 

Amour Fiber Core combines leading edge technology and fiberglass reclamation to produce a product line manufactured from recycled materials.
Our manufacturing process has been granted a United States patent.

In today’s environmentally concerned world, we have found an alternative to the traditional raw material supply. Cured waste fiberglass amounts to millions of tons of refuse in the continental United States annually. Our commitment to recycling is reducing this waste from our landfills and producing an environmentally friendly alternative to many other products that are manufactured today.
As part of American Leisure, Street Cars USA produces ‘New Cars with Old Style Bodies’.We build cars to custom request or create component packages that become a family project.No more trips to the junk yard to build vintage cars or ‘Hot Rods’ with our 99% new parts package.  Alternatively, for those who enjoy their thrills in smaller doses, we are in the process of establishing a network rental fleet for special outings and vacations.

If you are interested in learning more about Street Cars USA, make your request.
AFBG has revenues and is a low floater. When the test facility becomes fully operational this company has the potential to generate significant profits.
Manufacturing Products from Recycled Materials has a very low cost and the products produced are far superior in quality to the original materials used for these jobs. 
American Fiber Green Products (Ticker: AFBG)
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