Zoloto Resources (ZRSCF) ✏ Testing Proves Equador Gold!

Subject: Zoloto Resources (ZRSCF) ✏ Testing Proves Equador Gold!

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Zoloto Resources ZRSCF Independant Testing Proves Tailings Pile is Gold AND Silver Rich!
Zoloto Resources Ltd. is Aiming to unlock Ecuador’s Underground Wealth of Gold, Silver, Copper and other metals thru a Modernized Milling Plant in Ecuador.

Zoloto has been in Ecuador since 2013, believing that the chances of finding world class mineral deposits there are greater than in many other countries, due to under-exploration and a potentially unparalleled geological endowment.

The company has acquired 49% of the Zumba Mill in Ecuador. The Zumba Mill is located in northern Ecuador. It has the capacity to process 50 tons of ore per day. It is projected that the average head grade for the next six months will be 7 grams per ton. The Zumba mill also does contract milling for miners who do not have milling capacity. The milling capacity of the mill is expected to increase to 100 tons per day by October 2014. Zoloto has been offered significant opportunities in Ecuador and intends on pursuing them.

The Ecuadorian Congress adopted a new mining law in 2013 that will advance the development of small- and medium-scale mines in Ecuador. Mining is a relatively undeveloped sector in Ecuador, with huge potential for exploitation of copper, gold, and silver deposits.

Approved by a 105 to 14 vote in Congress the new law will help grow the economy by stimulating mining. As inducements to miners, the legislation sets ceilings on mining royalties, postpones payment of windfall taxes, and eliminates red tape that would slow the process of investment and development.

Zoloto has acquired a 49% interest in a mill project located in Ecuador, South America. Zoloto has contributed 150,000 to upgrade the mill, which will be capable of processing gold, silver and copper ore, with a capacity of 100 tons of ore per day. The mill, which holds contracts to process ore for nine mines, is anticipated to be fully operational in 2014, and is projected to earn gross revenue of 500,000 per month

The Zumba Mill will be Operational by August 15, 2014. Zoloto will Receive Revenue from processing the Ore as well as a Percentage of the Gold and Silver Produced.
Price Per Share has been Steadily Increasing!

 We expect the PPS to Become Very Bullish Once the Milling of the Tailings Pile has Commenced.

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Zoloto Resources Ltd Completes
 Independent Testing

BOCA RATON, FL–(Marketwired – Jun 12, 2014) – Zoloto Resources Ltd (PINKSHEETS: ZRSCF) with milling operations in Ecuador, has completed independent analysis of the initial tailings pile for the Zumba mill. The mill was designed to be economical based on a minimum head grade of 2.5 gms of gold per ton which would generate 2 kilograms (63 ozs) of gold per concentrator per month. The independent analysis showed that the head grade will average 6.1 gms per ton which will generate 5.0 kilograms (154 ozs) of gold per concentrator per month. In addition to the gold content, the analysis of the ore has indicated that there is an average grade of 29.16 gms of silver per ton.
The Zumba mill will be operational by August 15, 2014. Zoloto will receive revenue from processing the ore as well as a percentage of the gold and silver produced.
The Company will continue pursuing milling opportunities in Ecuador. The current processing capacity of the mill will be 50 tons. The processing capacity will be increased to 100 tons per day by October 2014.
The Company has created a new website with updated information info@zolotomining.com.
Zoloto Resources Ltd trades in the United States on the OTC Pink under the symbol “ZRSCF.” For further information, please contact the Company at (561)210 8317 or investors can find real time quotes and market information for the Company on www.otcmarkets.com

ZRSCF Stock Chart is
 Suggesting there has
Been Little or
No Dilution to the
Share Structure! 
Zoloto Resources Ltd Participates in Processing of a Large Tailings Project

Zoloto Resources Ltd., (ZRSCF) has agreed to participate in the processing of a large tailings pile. Analysis indicates that the tailings have up to 142,000 gms (4580 ozs) of recoverable gold. Zoloto will supply its portable concentrators and mill to process the tailings. Analysis indicates that the grade of gold can be as high as 15 gms per ton and will average a minimum of 5 gms per ton. It will take approximately 12 to 14 months to process this first project. It is projected that based on current gold prices that this initial project will generate 5,954,000
in revenue.

The Company is negotiating to process the tailings in another 5 mining operations without flotation cells. The Zoloto mill also does contract milling for miners who do not have milling capabilities. The Company expects to process gold, silver and copper in Ecuador.

The Company intends on pursuing opportunities in Ecuador. The Company feels that these opportunities will generate substantial cash flow for the Company allowing for significant growth over the next year.

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 Cash Cow List!

Zoloto Resources Ltd., (ZRSCF)

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