NXT-ID Inc (OTCBB:NXTD) Pushing Hard Into Smart Devices Market

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NXT-ID Inc (OTCBB:NXTD) Pushing Hard Into Smart Devices Market


NXT-ID Inc (OTCBB:NXTD) believes it can share in the opportunities presented by the emerging smart-device market. As smartphones and tablets have already created countless billionaires around the world in various business disciplines, the company hopes that smart-device market has the potential of creating the next billionaires in the tech industry.

As such, the company announced a biometric authentication smart wallet that takes away all your cards and legacy wallet and instead gives you the power to walk with a single smart-device called Wocket.

The company said its Wocket device is in the same vein as the smart-watch. Technology companies that have grown rich and popular making and selling smartphones can be seen turning focus on the emerging smart-device market that include smart-watch such as Samsung’s Galaxy Gear and the soon-coming iWatch from Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL).

The market for smart-device is expected to explode in the coming few years as awareness increases and developers create apps that can run on the devices and solve problems.

Dealing with hackers

More than just helping users to unload the numerous cards in their wallets on to its smart wallet device Wocket, NXT-ID Inc (OTCBB:NXTD) maintains that its device also helps users to beat hackers. The device allows users to securely store their login credentials such as passwords and username away from the reach of hackers. The device can also store a wide range of private information securely because of its biometric lock feature.

Online not safe

According to David Tunnell, Chief Technology Officer of NXT-ID, many people these days store thousands of their sensitive personal information online behind one master password. However, that does not solve the security problem because a breach of the master passwords always leads to widespread loss of important information.

However, Wocket not only takes the loads of cards from your wallet but also requires your biometric stamp approval to access the stored data thereby making it hard to breach.

In launching Wocket, NXT-ID Inc (OTCBB:NXTD) seems to be playing into the need of high-end data security following a wave of massive data breach in 2013 that did not spare even big organizations such as Target Corporation (NYSE:TGT), which lost about 110 million in credit card details and personal contacts to cyber criminals.

The market for data security solutions is big and growing.

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