Oriens (OTHM) ☀ Back on Track to Establish Million Dollar Brand

Subject: Oriens (OTHM) ☀ Back on Track to Establish Million Dollar Brand

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Oriens (OTHM) Back on Track to Establish
Multi-Million Dollar Hotelier/Booking Brand   

Oriens Travel & Hotel Management Corp, provides proprietary technology, marketing solutions, infrastructure and branding services to Hotel operators.

 Oriens’ booking engine technology and hotel branding services, expands a property’s International exposure and recognition, creates a new and improved core structure and greatly increases occupancy rates and bottom-line profits.

Since inception, Oriens has developed and continues to refine a suite of proprietary solutions capable to delivering proven successful results to hotel properties operating under our Hotel PURE flag.   The same is for those independent boutique branded properties utilizing our Friendly Online Reservation (FROL) booking engine technology and internet marketing services. 
Oriens has developed the following unique brands under the Hotel PURE flag, to help identify and distinguish hotel properties

Hotel PURE SIGNATURE – Full Service Properties. 4 – 5 star rating. The bold yet sleek concept behind Hotel Pure Signature is to provide upscale style to the traveler looking for economical accommodations. Our guests can enjoy the inventive crisp white interior design and world class service at a fraction of the cost of 3 and 4 star hotels. The refreshing atmosphere of each room is complete with all white bed sheets to all white linens. White porcelain tiles with subtle shades of grays are the foundation below our feet. Free flowing window drapes and contemporary furniture complete the white Miami South Beach concept.

Full Service Properties. 3 – 3.5 Star Rating properties. Comforting 3.5 star hotels with warm, contemporary and cozy interiors. Rich colors and textured woods make SELECT an elegant choice. Furnished with your comfort in mind, The SELECT properties offer contemporary settings with tastefully selected decors. Premium beddings and upscale bathroom
amenities are just some of the features to pamper you.

Oriens proprietary online booking and payment processing engine streamlines the reservations made through the Hotel PURE web site.

Oriens online booking engine directly links into the GDS System as well as over 2000 Internet travel booking web sites such as Expedia, Travelocity, Orbitz and others. The system is linked with 650,000 travel agencies worldwide.
Breaking News!

LAS VEGAS, NV–(Marketwired – Jun 23, 2014) – Oriens Travel & Hotel Management Corp. (OTC PINK: OTHM) , the Next Generation International Hotel Brand Operator, announced today that the Company has established a newly proposed roll out of Oriens business model; launching the new FROL System, while acquiring and branding its own properties under the newly emerging brand.
“The circumstances that temporarily derailed us were unfortunate, but in no way debilitated our ability to continue forward,” stated Ken Chua, President of Oriens Travel & Hotel Management. “The beginning of the 3rd Quarter should be spectacular for Oriens, as we intend to have our first multi-million dollar acquisition completed. This will spearhead the way for us to complete every endeavor we initially contemplated coming into 2014. This should be quite the year for Oriens.”
Upon entering 2014, Oriens expected to complete a merger, which was anticipated to be positive for the growth of the Company. Third party mishaps created a minor snafu, ultimately however, proving to be positively more beneficial than what the contemplated merger would have created. The Company is now just a few weeks away from completing their first multi-million dollar real estate acquisition.
Amongst other benefits of this transaction, Oriens would now have the full ability to state that it is truly a hotel brand and management company, operating its own condo/hotel properties, while deploying an online booking engine service to a rapidly up and coming tourist region in Central America. 
Mr. Chua concluded, “Now that we are back on track, we will quickly begin tending to various open items, such as the PCAOB audit, authorized share reduction and the re-launch of the brand and booking engine. This quarter’s upcoming shareholder update will certainly be eventful.”
The company is set to release its shareholder update on July 2nd.
With Continued Positive Corporate Guidance along with Volume Could Easily Reverse OTHM’s Current Trend Line and Provide Short Term Investors a Significant Profitable Return! 
“Since inception, Oriens has developed and continues to refine a suite of proprietary solutions capable to delivering proven successful results to hotel properties operating under our Hotel PURE flag.”
Oriens Travel & Hotel Management Corp. / OTHM
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