PRHL ★ Decision Time Breakout Play (Falling Wedge) PATTERNS TIGHT

Subject: PRHL ★ Decision Time Breakout Play (Falling Wedge) PATTERNS TIGHT

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★ Falling Wedge / Decision Time Breakout Play
Premier Holding Corp. | (OTCQB) PRHL
>>> PRHL Breakout Target: $.16 = 75% <<<
Standard Investment (3-5k or less) = up to $3800.00 [PROFIT]
Breaking News ( Released After the Bell ) 7/7/2014 !

Welcome To Premier Holding Corp. | (OTCQB) PRHL

PRHL is a publicly traded energy services holding company. In addition to the energy and business management expertise of its subsidiaries, the Principals of PRHL possess decades of experience in mergers and acquisitions.

provides much-needed strategic management, as well as financial support, which includes access to capital, financing expertise and legal structure to the deregulated power and energy efficiency markets.

Premier Holding has already affected its business model
of acquiring and integrating powerful and complementary businesses in the energy sector to provide a very broad range of products and services in the energy management field.

PRHL has strategically formed a company that is “Everything Energy”. PRHL’s companies have vast experience in technologies and services for deregulated power and much- needed expertise in energy reduction. Simply put, PRHL‘s companies lower their clients’ price & usage of energy.

Through deregulated energy expertise,
PRHL‘s subsidiary, The Power Company has assisted tens of thousands of clients.

Through its energy efficiency company, E3 Energy Efficiency Experts, it allows for continuous support via energy management and information systems targeted to commercial middle-market companies, Fortune 500 companies, and developers and management companies of small to large scale residential developments.

PRHL’s goal is to provide “everything energy” for these consumers of power. PRHL will continue to enhance its position in the energy sector via organic growth, along with timely and strategic acquisitions and alliances. Knowing that energy demand will continue and consumers are interested in saving money – PRHL is a company that matters.

(OTCQB) PRHL | The Power Company

The Power Company provides the most competitive energy pricing delivered with no change in service.

There are currently 16 states that have deregulated their energy markets. While many have already benefitted from deregulated energy, there are millions more that have not taken advantage of this opportunity. It is estimated that federally mandated energy deregulation will be enacted in some form in most of the 50 states by 2020, with a significant percentage in the next 3-5 years.

The deregulation industry is estimated at 11 times larger than when the telecom industry deregulated. Today and as this market broadens, PRHL’s energy deregulation company, TPC, will continue to leverage its strength in these emerging markets. The Power Company has already contracted tens of thousands of clients for deregulated energy.

Prior to deregulation, the utility market in each state was monopolized. One utility provided all components of energy services: supply and distribution. In 1992 Congress passed the National Energy Policy Act, allowing consumers in deregulated states the power to choose their energy supplier.

TPC is an experienced energy consulting firm in the deregulation space that utilizes its market standing and its large, well-established network of energy suppliers to compete for its clients’ business. With no cost or obligation for its clients, TPC serves as its clients’ energy advocates and negotiates the most competitive pricing and options for its clientele.

Because of TPC’s buying power, market expertise, and strong and diverse supplier relationships, The Power Company can achieve results and cost savings that are greater than most individuals and/or organizations can obtain on their own.

Today, efficiency and sustainability is increasingly recognized as the leading market opportunity for businesses large and small to positively affect their bottom lines.

From lowering the price paid for energy used, to the development of a corporate sustainability and efficiency strategy, to the implementation of energy, water and waste reduction projects; PRHL’s companies deliver the advisory services and expertise that companies need to thrive.

Regardless of a company’s size, energy efficiency is increasingly recognized as one of the largest single profit opportunities in a business’s strategy. Put simply, energy efficiency is not only about being “green”, but also represents a tangible strategic advantage in helping businesses reduce operating expenditures while maintaining or even increasing output, improving worker efficiency, and better mitigating both long-term and short-term risks. All while saving them money!

Energy Efficiency Performance is now firmly on the agenda of most progressive companies, regardless of size. Government legislation, increased profitability, reduced operating costs, and enhanced brand reputation together with growing consumer demand for sustainable products are driving the adoption of energy efficient business practices in every industry. PRHL is positioned to be on the forefront of this major business initiative.

PRHL continues with its intention to acquire energy efficiency companies that focus on energy price and usage reduction products and services that are accretive and can be seamlessly integrated.

(OTCQB) PRHL | TPC – The Opportunity

Total electricity demand is expected to grow by 28 percent from 3,839 billion kilowatt hours in 2011 to 4,930 billion kilowatt hours in 2040. Residential electricity sales are also expected to grow by 24 percent, to 1,767 billion kilowatt hours in 2040, spurred by population growth and continued population shifts to warmer regions with greater cooling requirements.

There is a definite need to help consumers lower their energy costs as more and more electricity is consumed.

Size of Market: Literally any user of energy, whether it is a residence or business, is a potential client of The Power Company. The market is wide open. The market is estimated to be well in excess of $500B.

TPC has a thriving Residential team that has been acquiring 2,000+ Residential accounts per month with over 30,000 residential contracts enrolled. TPC’s goal is to have in excess of 250,000 residential clients enrolled within 3-5 years.

In addition,
TPC acquires 10 million kWh of Commercial Business on average every month, which adds to its bottom line, and as importantly provides potential clients for its sister company, E3- Energy Efficiency Experts.

Since TPC already has developed a relationship with its clients by saving them money on their electricity and/or gas rates, these clients are very receptive in hearing how TPC’s sister company can help them save even more money on their energy expenditures by lowering their energy usage.

Currently only 32% of the United States is deregulated.

TPC already has a proven and successful business model to rapidly assist additional clientele and reap the benefits as additional states become deregulated. In addition, TPC has developed a “first of its kind” Power Portal, which allows for seamless client enrollment as well as complete Sales and Contact Management System specifically designed for the energy markets.

(OTCQB) PRHL | Recent Developments
Premier Holding Corporation Announces Additional Record-High Sales Numbers for The Power Company, USA, LLC

!New Sales Records for 5 Months Straight!

TUSTIN, CA–(Marketwired – May 13, 2014) – Premier Holding Corporation (OTCQB: PRHL) today announced that its subsidiary, The Power Company, USA, LLC (TPC) has set another new monthly sales record, making it five straight months of record sales.

TPC contracted another 3,458 households in April solely from its door to door sales team, and this helped push the month to a 16% increase in sales over March, which itself was the previous biggest sales month in the company’s history. It was reported earlier that Q1 2014 set new records.

Cheryl Arts, Managing Partner for TPC stated:

“The entire team, from the invaluable leadership of Patrick Farah to the door-to-door field managers and sales agents, all have stepped up each and every month to raise the bar and exceed our goals. This accomplishment is especially impressive when you consider the extremely harsh winter we’ve had in the Midwest.

Our door-to-door sales teams braved the coldest of winters, with many days below zero, to achieve sales numbers that would have been impressive under the best of circumstances. This spring we continue to break records month over month and year over year which indicates a successful sales model with a very scalable infrastructure.

In addition to our call centers which are garnering momentum, we expect to see all sales initiatives adding to this impressive trend as we successfully emulate our business model in additional states.”

President and CEO of Premier, Randall Letcavage adds,

“I continue to be extremely proud of the hard work of our sales team at TPC. It’s important to note that these records are new contracts at same store sales; we have not yet ramped up our additional offices, nor does this count the revenue we continue to receive from sales made last year on these multi-year contracts. As we open additional offices we should see even more dramatic growth.”

TPC continues to set the bar on sales performance for deregulated power. It remains on the cutting edge of innovation in this industry, in part due to its sophisticated sales portal: NEST (National Energy Sales Transactor) enabling rapid, efficient and secure sales transactions of deregulated power.

This portal enables sales staff, whether from a computer terminal, a smart phone, or any web browser to access pertinent information on a particular prospect, including their energy profile, and quickly access the energy options available to them. Then after selecting the best power provider, sales agents can process the paperwork online in real-time which enables client acquisition in minutes.

NEST is easily scalable and can be seamlessly launched as the company expands into additional geographical markets. NEST is also available to other power resellers, which will create additional revenue streams for The Power Company.

Premier Holding Corp. Provides Additional Data and Updates for Subsidiary The Power Company

TUSTIN, CA–(Marketwired – Jun 10, 2014) – Premier Holding Corporation (OTCQB: PRHL) today announces the following additional details regarding its 80% owned subsidiary The Power Company, USA, LLC (TPC) at, and to provide more clarity from its announcement last Wednesday:

  • TPC achieved record sales to commercials clients. On the commercial side, industry sales and growth are measured by the number of Kilowatt hours. Therefore, in last Wednesday’s press release it was announced that The Power Company sold a new company record 50 million Kilowatt hours in electricity to commercial clients that included a number of world renowned company accounts. TPC has over 1,500 commercial accounts. Analysts commonly measure valuation of a Company’s commercial accounts 5 to 10 times a residential account.
  • The Power Company (TPC) contracted about 3,000 new households in May bringing the total number of residential contracts as of the end of May to about 45,000 accounts; the highest number in its history. TPC comfortably projects over 70,000 household accounts by the end of calendar 2014. Industry comparables and analysts have shown that companies have sold for a valuation based on $800 to $1,200 per residential contract.
  • TPC services customers as a reseller of utilities in nearly all of the states that are deregulated. States that currently have a deregulated utility market include Illinois, New York, Connecticut, Texas, Delaware, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island. On the residential side, TPC draws from a total of about 40 different power suppliers to help provide its customers low rates.
  • On the commercial side, TPC enlisted the services of eight different power suppliers in the latest month which further demonstrates the flexibility and strength of its supplier relationships resulting in providing its clients with the best rates possible. In addition, TPC provided lower cost natural gas for a national chain of rehabilitation clinics which shows how the Company is a complete answer for all energy savings. It also was successful in landing new accounts in May to power the common areas for a group of marquee NYC high rises.
  • TPC remains on the cutting edge of innovation in this industry in part to its sophisticated sales portal NEST (National Energy Sales Transactor) which enables rapid, efficient and secure sales transactions of deregulated power. This portal enables sales staff, whether from a computer terminal, a smart phone, or any web browser to access pertinent information on a particular prospect, including their energy profile, and quickly access the energy options available to them. Then after selecting the best power provider, sales agents can process the paperwork online in real-time which enables client acquisition in minutes.
  • Premier Holding Corp’s 100% owned subsidiary Energy Efficiency Experts (E3) and TPC sales teams have begun to contact TPC’s commercial accounts to offer its proprietary lighting solutions and other energy efficiency strategies to further lower utility bills. E3’s E-Series Controllers reduce energy consumption of existing lighting systems by up to 36%, extends lamp life up to 40% and ballast life up to 200% reducing stress on landfills, and is 95% recyclable by weight. This lighting solution is considered an upgrade, not a retrofit.
  • Premier Holding still plans to become a power provider once it gains approval from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) anticipated later this year. As a supplier, it would book the customers entire energy supply bill as revenue (estimated to be 8 to 12 times higher than the commission). In addition to the current revenue to TPC, as the supplier it would also gain the difference between the wholesale and retail cost of energy so net profit would be expected to grow 2 to 3 times what is currently earned.

PRHL’s President and CEO Randall Letcavage stated,

“Management at Premier Holding Corp. is focused intently on successfully managing its growth and improving shareholder value. We welcome shareholders, interested investors, and industry analysts to contact us if they have any questions.”

He added, “We expect to achieve several milestone developments over the near-term that will truly show how far we have come over the past year and where we are headed.”

★ Falling Wedge / Decision Time Breakout Play
>>> PRHL Breakout Target: $.16 = 75% <<<
Standard Investment (3-5k or less) = up to $3800.00 [PROFIT]

Premier Holding Corp. | (OTCQB) PRHL

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