Wocket Smart Wallet challenges your bulky dumb one

Wocket Smart Wallet challenges your bulky dumb one

 Wocket Smart Wallet challenges your bulky dumb one


Want to know what has been and continues to be a hot item? Wallets. Search around on Kickstarter, past and present, and you’ll find an abundance of successful projects made of metal, leather, plastic, or cloth. The unifying aspect of most of these wallets is the slim design, intended to reduce bulk. People are totally into it – no one should have a hamburger of a leather wallet in the seat of their pants.

If you want to go one step further in maximizing wallet potential while minimizing size, the Wocket Smart Wallet is accepting pre-orders right now. The beauty about the Wocket Smart Wallet is how it equally tugs at wants and needs. You want a new piece of tech to simplify your daily routine, and you need to stay on top of keeping personal information secure.

Wocket Smart WalletSure, there are app-related digital wallets that can pay via your NFC-enabled smartphone with a compatible point-of-sale (POS) terminal. But those are still fairly rare. The Wocket Smart Wallet is completely independent of your smartphone, and it slides payments like your regular credit cards do. The touchscreen lets users find the right information quickly – full card numbers, CVV, and expiration dates can be shown too.

Wocket doesn’t just hold your collection of credit cards. You can store loyalty cards, gift cards, identification, debit cards, coupons, medical cards, and insurance information. Quite literally, the Wocket Smart Wallet is a true wallet replacement, but better. Users will have that peace of mind, knowing their information is more secure with Wocket than in their physical wallet or on their smartphone.

All data is stored on a tamper-resistant chip on the Wocket. There’s no cloud or wireless connectivity to worry about. Access to this smart wallet is performed by voice, pin, or pattern. The Wocket’s dynamic magnetic stripe zeroes out immediately after every use, so even if someone did steal it, it would be as useful to them as a Monopoly Credit Card.

Click here to find out more information or to pre-order a Wocket Smart Wallet. Orders are estimated to start shipping September 2014. If you have a seriously ugly wallet, you can join their national competition called “Show Me Your Wallet” for prizes. Check their Facebook page on July 18th for more details.

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