TXTM The Bottom is in! “Drive ♥ Alert” Product is a Hit!

Subject: TXTM The Bottom is in! “Drive ♥ Alert” Product is a Hit!

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Protext Mobility

New York Auto Dealers On-Board with Protext Mobility!

Huge Exponential Growth
in the Auto Dealer Market!

Develops Innovative Products and Solutions for the Mobile Communications Market

Protext Mobility (TXTM) is a publicly traded premium mobile applications developer.

We provide innovative solutions to the fast-growing mobile consumer market.

Our goal is to address mobile messaging market opportunities with novel, comprehensive and robust solutions.

A simple, automated solution for parents to keep their kids safe from bullying and
sexting – in a world of over 3,300 texts/month. SafeText is a premium subscription service sold directly to consumers.
DriveAlert Helps Avoid Distracted Driving

Foster safe driving habits and help prevent potentially dangerous distracted driving incidents with DriveAlert. The DriveAlert mobile app helps vehicle drivers avoid distractions caused by their mobile phone communications and allows them to keep their attention where it needs to be, on the road. DriveAlert restricts access to text messages, e-mails and phone calls while you’re driving and auto-responds to incoming text messages indicating you are currently busy. The application not only blocks text message, e-mail and phone call activities, but also all applications a driver may be distracted by, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instant Messaging and web browsing while the phone is in motion.

SafeText Helps Parents Keep Children Safe in the World of Text Messaging
SafeText is the most trusted solution for parents to combat Cyberbullying, Sexting, and Distracted Driving. The application empowers parents to keep their children safe by providing effective and comprehensive safeguards against text and social-based communications. SafeText provides parents with a robust toolset which allows them to reliably monitor their children’s mobile phone activities including texts, photos, location, speed, mobile web history, call logs, apps and more. It is a premium service that consists of a thin mobile application that is downloaded to the child’s smartphone, and a hosted webpage serving as the parent’s “dashboard”.
“Our nation is in the midst of a safety crisis when it comes to distracted driving.”

~Steve Berman, CEO
Breaking News!

Protext Mobility Auto-Dealership Distributors Announce Positive Initial Sales of Company’s Distracted Driving Solution

Company’s Turnkey Auto-Dealer Model Adding Value to Dealership Revenues

Protext Mobility, Inc 11 hours ago
DELRAY BEACH, FL–(Marketwired – Aug 4, 2014) – Protext Mobility (OTC Pink: TXTM) (PINKSHEETS: TXTM), a developer of innovative and trusted applications for the mobile communications market, is pleased to announce that the Company’s Auto-Dealer distributors are reporting solid sell through and positive initial sales for its distracted driving solution, DriveAlert. Since commencement in the second quarter, the Company’s auto-dealer distributors as a whole have reported gross sales directly from DriveAlert in excess of $40,000. Protext has created a turnkey solution for the Auto-Dealers industry, which allows distributors to start increasing dealership revenue per vehicle sold, immediately.


“Now that DriveAlert has had a reasonable amount of time to be marketed and sold at our partner Auto-Dealerships, we are beginning to see some accurate results of how our solutions are adding significant, immediate, per-vehicle revenue to each participating dealership,” stated Steve Berman, CEO of Protext Mobility. DriveAlert, which utilizes Protext’s proprietary OBD-II technology, is a text blocking solution that, when enabled, will prevent certain activities on mobile devices in equipped vehicles — particularly text, email, video/camera, and social media applications. The product is marketed and sold to customers at the point of sale within each dealership, in addition to the prominent advertising for DriveAlert and its safety benefits in strategic areas throughout the facility.
Protext has made several recent announcements regarding the Company’s entrance to the Auto-Dealership market and the Dealerships who have executed distribution agreements for DriveAlert. “We continue to have positive discussions with new potential dealership partners around the country, with dozens of dealerships sampling the product in-house. We expect many of these dealerships to begin selling DriveAlert and become additional distribution partners in the coming weeks. In the short amount of time since rolling out the in-store, point of purchase model, the Company’s auto-dealer distributors as a whole have reported gross sales directly from DriveAlert in excess of $40,000,” Mr. Berman went on to say. “The Dealers have also reported that the public’s reaction to the ‘No-Text & Drive’ concept and DriveAlert product has been nothing short of amazing. As word continues to grow that there is a solution that can help put an end to the distracted driving epidemic available at the local auto dealer, we expect continued exponential growth in this segment of our business model.”
About Protext Mobility, Inc.

Protext Mobility (OTC Pink: TXTM) (PINKSHEETS: TXTM) develops innovative applications and trusted solutions for consumers and businesses operating in the mobile communications marketplace. The Company’s mobile communications service offering provides consumers with mobile solutions to monitor text activity and curb device usage while driving, as well as businesses solutions’ to help manage mobile communications activities amongst employees. Protext Mobility markets its services under the SafeText, DriveAlert and CompliantWireless brands.

For more information on the Company and its suite of mobile solutions for consumers and businesses, please visit www.protextmobility.net

“This Multi-Billion Dollar Market Represents a
Huge Market for Distracted Driving Prevention
as Automobile Ownership and Auto-Insurance
go Hand and Hand.”
Protext Mobility Issues Corporate Update

Protext Mobility (OTCQB: TXTM), a developer of innovative and trusted applications for the mobile communications market, today announced that the Company has continued its exponential growth within the auto dealer market with the addition of East Hills Chevrolet in Douglaston, NY. East Hills has been named Chevrolet Dealer of The Year in the NY area by Dealer Rater for the past two years, and will now be marketing and selling Protext’s distracted driving solution to its customers. The Drive Alert product provides users with the ability to block the use of certain mobile device activity in equipped vehicles while in motion — particularly text messaging, the mobile internet, email and social media activities — including taking and posting “selfies” to social media. 
“Our nation is in the midst of a safety crisis when it comes to distracted driving. We are pleased that the auto dealer industry not only recognizes the need for our solution, but also is embracing DriveAlert as THE product to answer that need. East Hills Chevrolet is an award-winning auto dealer, and we are proud to be partners with a company that is so dedicated to the safety and satisfaction of their customers,” Mr. Berman went on to say.
The Company is also pleased to announce that it has repaid and retired 100% of convertible notes held by Asher Enterprises, Inc. in principal amounts totaling $47,393 USD. Including accrued interest and contractual buyout provisions the debt was officially retired for $65,000 USD. Therefore, there will be no more conversions owed to Asher in conjunction with these notes and the corresponding debt has been removed from the Company’s balance sheet. “Management is committed to advancing the financial health of our Company in a sustainable manner, and removing this debt is an important milestone toward that end,” concluded Mr. Berman.
The Company is also pleased to announce that it has repaid
and retired 100% of convertible notes held by Asher Enterprises, Inc.

Therefore, there will be no more conversions owed to Asher
in conjunction with these notes and the corresponding debt has been
removed from the Company’s balance sheet.

Compliant Wireless is a mobile platform designed for companies to manage employees use of mobile devices for business through providing insight into the content and activity generated within their mobile work environment.
CompliantWireless is an enterprise suite of integrated mobile controls designed to address widespread concerns within the business community regarding risks and liabilities specifically for the corporate mobile workplace. CompliantWireless was developed out of the need for, and desire of, employers to effectively manage their company specific mobile environment. The enterprise suite provides a comprehensive, turnkey mobile management and productivity tool where essentially all employee mobile activity are viewable, archived, and violations to company policies are flagged and reported.

To learn more, please visit    SafeText   |   DriveAlert

Talking on a cell phone while driving can make a young driver’s reaction time as slow as that of a drunk driver. Answering a text takes away your attention for about five seconds. That is enough time to travel the length of a football field.
“Helps Drivers Avoid the Distractions Caused By There Mobile Phone”

ProtextSmartMessenger provides parents
peace of mind

Powering Enhanced Mobile Messaging Services

Protext Mobility is a premium mobile solutions provider and applications developer. Our mission is to provide robust and innovative solutions to the fast-growing mobile communications market for the consumer and enterprise.

Our products are designed for mobile devices, providing parents and corporations, solutions to help manage their children’s / employee’s mobile communications activities.

We have built a proprietary & feature rich, mobile messaging platform. The robust and flexible feature set can be customized and applied to various vertical markets. The solutions are scalable and can be tailored to meet the specific demands or needs of a large, end user base. The current solutions were developed out of the need for, and desire of, the parent and/or enterprise to gain necessary insight and visibility into their children’s/employees use of today’s mobile technology.

The mobile solutions we‘ve developed on our platform for the direct to consumer market utilizes our patent pending ProtextSmartMessenger to provide parents peace of mind as it relates to the 3 most serious dangers a child may encounter as they use mobile devices…Bullying, Sexting and Distracted Driving.

We have bundled certain features and released them under SafeText and DriveAlert . The mobile solutions for the enterprise/corporate compliance are marketed under CompliantWireless, with consumer solutions marketed under FamilyMobileSafety.

TXTM Share Price had been in the $.07-.$.10 Share Price Earlier This year! 
We are Calling a Bottom on the Stock Chart.
News could trigger a Significant Reversal in the Share Price!
Protext Mobility (TXTM)
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