Can N*Sync’s Joey Fatone Get Wocket Wallet Users to Buy Buy Buy?

Can N*Sync’s Joey Fatone Get Wocket Wallet Users to Buy Buy Buy?

NXT-ID is working with Joey Fatone, former member of the boy band N*Sync, to kick off a series of celebrity endorsements for its biometric Wocket wallet.

The company published several photos of Fatone holding or pocketing the Wocket device, which allows users to store data from plastic cards by swiping them through an included reader. Wocket can hold up to 10,000 credentials, which are locked until consumers authenticate themselves with voice biometrics or a typed or drawn password.

“We are very excited to have Joey Fatone as our first celebrity photo with a Wocket in his pocket,” said Wocket CEO Gino Pereira in an Aug. 7 press release. “Joey’s fan base spans a wide age group and demographic and we could not be more thrilled to have him help build the brand awareness for the Wocket smart wallet.”

The company plans to depict “other well-known celebrities, musicians and sports stars” as its campaign progresses, according to the release.

The Wocket concept resembles that of Coin, a plastic card managed through a linked mobile app. Wocket costs $149.99; Coin is available for pre-order for $50 each with an expected price of $100 after launch.

Fatone’s former bandmate Justin Timberlake is also involved in a payment promotion deal; last year, Timberlake signed a two-year contract to promote MasterCard’s “Priceless Cities” marketing initiative.

Celebrity endorsements can be successful for payments companies, but they also invite extra attention to the terms of the products being promoted. The Kardashian Kard, a prepaid card endorsed by the Kardashian sisters, famously shuttered within weeks of its launch. Capital One encountered some backlash after letting Samuel L. Jackson use the word “damn” in its ad campaign.

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