THCZ ☎ Totally Hemp Crazy Inc. Preparing for Initial Product Run

THCZ ☎ Totally Hemp Crazy Inc. Preparing for Initial Product Run

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Totally Hemp Crazy Inc.
(Ticker: THCZ)

Totally Hemp Crazy Inc. (THCZ) Preparing for Initial Product Run!

THCZ to Manufacture a Private Label
Beverage Line

THCZ is a Hemp Beverage Distributor of the CHILLO-Energy Drink and C-Swiss Ice Tea drink. The Company plans to manufacture and Distribute their own Private Label Line of Rocky Mountain High Hemp Iced Tea™, Rocky Mountain High Hemp Lemonade™ and Rocky Mountain High Hemp Energy Drink™ in January.

Our mission is to find the premier cannabis and hemp industry
innovators, leveraging our team of professionals to source, evaluate and
purchase value-added companies and products, while allowing them to
keep their integrity and entrepreneurial spirit.  is a wholly
owned retail website.

to purchase products offered from our retail lines. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and PayPal.”
CHILL Texas, is a wholly owned subsidiary
and retail website.
to purchase products offered from our retail lines. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and PayPal.”
Totally Hemp Crazy Inc.
will be bottling under the label
“Rocky Mountain High”
The Energy Drink will be one of the first products offered!

12 products will be offered in 2015 including a water line, wine and tequila!

The water line will have 4 flavors! Citrus, Lemon Lime, Pomegranate and Wild Berry.”

About CHILLO Energy Drink:


Chillo is a new hemp energy beverage designed to enhance any and all recreational activities. The blend of vitamins and hemp seed extract give Chillo the unique flavor and energy experience. Hemp seeds are proven to improve health in the areas of metabolism, digestion, and caloric balance. Drinking Chillo will boost your system, relieving tension, while bringing about excitement, motivation, and a great experience.

Totally Hemp Crazy Inc. (PINKSHEETS: THCZ)
today has announced that they are continuing negotiations with several parties on private financing and that we expect to close the first part of the package in the next 7-10 days and 30-45 days for the complete package.

With this financing package in place THCZ can go forward and begin the process of   bottling the “Rocky Mountain High” brand of Hemp Ice Tea,
Energy Drink and flavored water lines. 
All formulations and labeling is now complete.
C+Swiss Hemp Ice Tea:
Good for You and the Planet

CSWISS ICE TEA has been distributed from Austria throughout the whole world since 2003. As the name already reveals, CSWISS is an ice tea that has its origin in Switzerland. To produce an ice tea made from hemp was, at that time, a revolutionary idea.
Did you raise an eyebrow when you read the word “hemp” in that headline?
You certainly wouldn’t be the first. Hemp has suffered a rather controversial past, because it’s often confused with marijuana. They come from the same family of plants (Cannibus), and, yes, they look alike. But hemp contains virtually no THC, and this versatile little plant has myriad applications, from food and fiber to fuel!
“RHINO Marketing has been hard at work
with  all of our potential financing partners to ensure that the new product designs along with the marketing campaigns are specifically designed to maximize future product sales and profitability.”

Tom Shuman ~ CEO of Republic of Texas Brands

Republic of Texas Brands, Inc. is proud to announce former professional athlete and Beverage Industry Executive Tom Shuman as the new CEO of Republic of Texas Brands. Tom has over 30 years of beverage industry experience including such soft drinks greats as Coca-Cola, Dr Pepper and 7UP. In addition to countless distributor and marketing contacts, Tom Shuman has also launched from concept to store shelves the 100 calorie SMARTERITA Margarita drink that is currently stocked on various retailers’ shelves in Texas & Illinois. SMARTERITA can be found in SPECS, Goody Goody and PK Liquors locations, and has been authorized for distribution in 7-Eleven stores in seven states.

“The new corporate logo
“Totally Hemp Crazy”
has been incorporated into the design of the bottle and will add to the consumer appeal of the
Tom Shuman ~ CEO

Totally Hemp Crazy Inc. (THCZ) Preparing for Initial Product Run

THCZ to Produce Proprietary Hemp Beverage Line.

 DALLAS, Dec. 10, 2014 /PRNewswire

Totally Hemp Crazy Inc. (THCZ) today has announced that the packaging cans for the new product lines will be ready for final approval this month and then will go into production. The company expects that the cans will be produced and be ready to be shipped to the bottling company by January. The formulations for the beverages were finalized in November and their ingredients along with the proper bar codes were added to the cans’ final designs. The first products to be produced will be the Rocky Mountain High Hemp Iced Tea™, Rocky Mountain High Hemp Lemonade™ and Rocky Mountain High Hemp Energy Drink™. The second wave of hemp infused products to be launched into the marketplace will feature wine based alcoholic beverages (12.5% alcohol) in a 375ml PET flask. The target date for this launch is mid-spring 2015.
Rhino Marketing has completed their first phase of the initial rollout and has specified the initial retail target markets as Houston, Dallas, Austin and San Antonio.  Upon completion of the pilot markets the retail rollout will go nationwide.  A new and improved commerce version of the THCZ website designed by Rhino Marketing is almost complete and will be uploaded this month.  “We are really excited about how this product has progressed and we’re excited to be part of this great drink,” says Thomas Hensey, Rhino Marketing.
“We have raised capital from private placement funding and we are actively involved in negotiations with several other groups so we can produce a complete line of hemp based products that will in total be in excess of a dozen sku’s,” states Founder Jerry Grisaffi. “Several of the interested parties have some very interesting product ideas that will make 2015 a very exciting year for THCZ.  We will share these ideas with the investors upon the completion of the finance negotiations.  We do suggest that investors check the THCZ website on a regular basis as updates from this point on forward will be occurring on a regular basis.” 

About Totally Hemp Crazy Inc.:
Our mission is to be the first total Hemp beverage company.
THCZ share price will likely Re-Explore recent highs of $.055 upon confirmation of the Private Financing Package.

That would produce gains in excess of 300%+

“Investors will be excited about the Product Release of our Private Label Beverages and we have already received orders for the new product.”
Totally Hemp Crazy Inc.
(Ticker: THCZ)

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