Digital Caddies Announces Completion of Successful Callaway Advertising Campaign

Digital Caddies Announces Completion of Successful Callaway Advertising Campaign

 Digital Caddies, Inc. (OTC Pink: CADY) (PINKSHEETS: CADY), a leader in on-course delivery of technology services and content to golfers, is pleased to announce the results of an eight week Callaway advertising campaign launching their new Alpha 815 driver.

“Digital Caddies delivered a mix of 143,000 full-screen video ad impressions, 6 million banner ad impressions and 5.8 million activation tile impressions, to achieve Callaway’s goals of both brand awareness and data capture,” reported Terry Olson, publisher of Digital Caddies. “An overwhelming 71% of all respondents reported viewing the Callaway video ad during their round which confirms golfers are actively engaging with our interactive screens. The data capture portion of the campaign was equally successful as hundreds of golfers shared their names and email addresses, entering them into a drawing to win an Alpha 815 driver.”

Digital Caddies is pleased to introduce the 11 lucky winners here along with a few of their testimonials about the platform:

Colleen Spiegelhoff – “My husband and I played at PGA National in December and used the Digital Caddies GPS technology supplied on our cart for the round. We found the Digital Caddie to be very accurate (we checked it with our laser for the first few holes before we trusted it!). It made for quicker club selection, just the way we we like it! I am very excited to win the Callaway Alpha 815 and can’t wait to use it!

Fred Valdez – “My experience with the Digital Caddies GPS technology at the Boulders Golf Club was a great treat! The ability to see what’s ahead and get an accurate distance, etc. helped my game immensely. The system was easy to learn and use. I’m not a tech person by any stretch, so the Digital Caddies GPS was a real joy and benefit. Many thanks for the opportunity to try it out.”

Dave Hanna – “The Digital Caddie is easy to use with great visual views of fairways and greens, along with accurate yardages to landmarks.”

Jason Leap – “Digital Caddies gave me the precise distance to navigate Grapevine Golf Course for the first time… Accurate Distance, Perfect Shots! Thank you Digital Caddies and Callaway Golf.”

George Myers of Alhambra Golf Club in California
John Overmyer of Arroyo Golf Club in Nevada
Michel Marceau of Indian Springs Golf Club in Florida
Rick Gomez of Lookout Mountain Golf Club in Arizona
Darryl Gordon of River Ridge Golf Club in California
Jay Miller of The Revere Golf Club in Nevada
David Maltz of PGA Estates in Florida

 About Digital Caddies :

Digital Caddies currently has installed more than 12,000 interactive screens installed on over 175 courses in the top 20 DMAs across the country. This network of screens provides unique access to players via an interactive tablet mounted in golf cars, serving up features golfers, course operators and advertisers want. Once a golf course is equipped with Digital Caddies’ touch-screen tablets, golfers enjoy a variety of useful applications and services, including GPS-based course navigation and aerial fairway and green views with accurate yardages to landmarks. Digital Caddies’ tablets install easily on golf cars and connect wirelessly to the Web through Sprint’s nationwide 3G network, providing the golf course a broad portfolio of real-time course management tools via GPS-based cart tracking and communications.

Digital Caddies is committed to ongoing innovation that will deliver valuable content to golfers, enhance golf course operations and allow marketers to reach one of the most sought-after and lucrative demographics. For more information about Digital Caddies, please visit

Totally Hemp Crazy Inc. (THCZ) Signs Agreement With Mr. Checkout for Distribution of Rocky Mountain High Beverage Drinks

Totally Hemp Crazy Inc. (THCZ) Signs Agreement With Mr. Checkout for Distribution of Rocky Mountain High Beverage Drinks


DALLAS, TX–(Marketwired – Jan 27, 2015) – Totally Hemp Crazy Inc. (OTC PINK: THCZ) announced today that as a result of the recent Florida Road Show, a merchandising agreement has been signed with Mr. Checkout, which is a national marketing Co-Op for a distribution group of approximately 35,000 convenience stores around the country.
The Mr. Checkout group consists of approximately 800 independent convenience store distributors, merchandisers and wholesale-to-distributor warehouse companies. Mr. Checkout has also developed relationships with buyers in nearly every major big box store for over 30 years now.
To see a complete list of Big Box retailers:
Jerry Grisaffi, Founder of THCZ, stated, “We are pleased and excited to begin the initial phase of our aggressive sales campaign by distributing our product line of Rocky Mountain High hemp beverage drinks to thousands of nationwide convenience and grocery store locations. We look forward to working with Mr. Checkout distributors and their retail partner network to place our beverage products in the hands of customers throughout the nation.”
Since 1989, Mr. Checkout Distributors, Inc. has been servicing independent retailers, convenience stores and grocers through a group of small distributors, merchandisers and wholesale-to-distributor warehouse companies.

The mission of Totally Hemp Crazy is to become the leading Hemp Beverage Company in the world.

 For more information, please view: and

CES Response for NXT-ID’s Wocket Smart Wallet Kicks Off 2015

CES Response for NXT-ID’s Wocket Smart Wallet Kicks Off 2015

OXFORD, Conn., Jan. 20, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — NXT-ID, Inc. (NASDAQ:NXTD and NXTDW) a biometric authentication company focused on the growing mobile commerce market, reports on the recent success of the Wocket™ smart wallet at CES 2015 in Las Vegas.
Wocket smart wallet was named as one of the “11 Hot Products at CES” in a review published in, one of the “5 Best Products Launched At CES So Far” by and “The top 10 gadgets from CES 2015” by Danny Jacobs at the Daily Record.

Gino Pereira, CEO of NXT-ID said,” We would like to thank all the media, distributors, retailers and industry peers that stopped by our booth. The response of both the media and industry attendees exceed our best expectations. Our Wocket smart wallet received international media coverage from the Huffington Post UK and Toronto Star as well as media from Australia and Europe to the Middle East. Leading U.S. news sources including, Inc, and CNN also took notice of the Wocket, in addition to national and local TV and radio stations.”

He went on to say, “What we saw first-hand at CES was an overwhelming demand for solutions and products like Wocket addressing personal privacy. Payment security and identity security are critical issues for 2015 and our approach to addressing both is unique and holistic.”

Wocket is a smart wallet designed to protect your identity and replace all the cards in your wallet, with no smart phone required. The Wocket works anywhere credit cards are accepted and only works with your biometric stamp of approval.

All your credit, debit, loyalty, gift, ID, membership, insurance, tickets, medical information, passwords, coupons, and virtually any other card can be protected on Wocket.
See the Wocket FAQ at:

Watch the Video:  The latest advancements in cyber security and personal privacy are showcased at CES 2015:

About NXT- ID Inc. – Mobile Security for a Mobile World: (NXTD) (NXTDW):

NXT-ID, Inc.’s innovative MobileBio® solution mitigates consumer risks associated with mobile computing, m-commerce and smart OS-enabled devices. The company is focused on the growing m-commerce market, launching its innovative MobileBio® suite of biometric solutions that secure consumers’ mobile platforms led by Wocket™; a next generation smart wallet designed to replace all the cards in your wallet, no smart phone required.
The Wocket works anywhere credit cards are accepted and only works with your biometric stamp of approval.
NXT-ID’ wholly owned subsidiary, 3D-ID LLC, is engaged in biometric identification and has 22 licensed patents in the field of 3D facial recognition,

Tech Tuesday – security and privacy

Tech Tuesday – security and privacy

New products to protect and secure your information. A digital wallet that stores and encrypts your credit cards plus other info. And a wearable device that uses your heart as a password.

AUSTIN – In this Tech Tuesday we are talking security. The Consumer Electronics Show wrapped up Friday in Las Vegas and one of the areas we are seeing tremendous growth is privacy and security.
Two products that got a lot of attention deal exactly with that.

Protecting the way you pay is the goal of Wocket. The smart wallet stores everything you have in your wallet: debit cards, credit cards, loyalty card and more, replacing them with one card. It has a card reader to scan the cards then biometrically protects them. You use your voice or a pin code to unlock Wocket. Pick the card, then swipe a single Wocket card. There is no reason to carry individual cards with you.

Wocket works all by itself without an internet connection but also uses Bluetooth to connect with an app. The pre-order price was about $150.

Proving you are who you are to everything you’re connected to is the job of The Nymi Band. It takes the place of all your passwords, key cards, and other identifiers using your heartbeat.
“When you put it on you actually touch it with your other hand to complete the circuit with the body and the device uses the electric activity of your heart to authenticate you,” said Nymi Founder and CEO Karl Martin on a company video.

We each have a unique electrocardiogram which is what Nymi uses. The company’s dream is a world that opens for us as we walk through it.

“Getting into your house, getting into your car, getting into your work, getting into your retailer, getting into your hotel, getting into an airline. It’s going to be about the environmental intagration with the Nymi Band,” described Platform Director on Nymi website.

The Nymi band will also cost about $150.


Totally Hemp Crazy Inc. Florida Road Show Huge Success

Totally Hemp Crazy Inc. Florida Road Show Huge Success

THCZ to Produce Rocky Mountain High Hemp Beverage Line

DALLAS, TX–(Marketwired – Jan 14, 2015) –
Totally Hemp Crazy Inc. (OTC PINK: THCZ) today announced that the Florida Road Show that began in West Palm Beach and concluded in Orlando was a huge success last week. The ClubsCorp sponsored events went to five (5) cities and were held in high-end dining establishments such as Ruth Chris’s Steak House. Both CEO Tom Shuman and THCZ founder, Jerry Grisaffi, were in attendance. The presentations were extremely well received and samples of the new Rocky Mountain High hemp beverage drink line-up were available for sampling. The Company also revealed their new can design for the first time. Investors and Distributors from across the country attended the meetings and some significant new business relationships are now being formed.
Jerry Grisaffi, founder of THCZ, stated, “We will be spending the next several weeks meeting with new Investors and Distributors and we plan on making a major distribution announcement in the coming weeks. The Road Show was far more productive than we ever expected and we are making plans to once again join the show for an East Coast event next month. The distribution contacts we have made will give us a fast track into convenience stores and inroads to big box establishments that we previously thought were not possible at this juncture in time. None the less, we are very excited about the planned product launch than ever before.”
Totally Hemp Crazy’s mission is to become the premier hemp beverage company in the world.
For further information, please view:

The top 10 gadgets from CES 2015

The top 10 gadgets from CES 2015

The ATIV One 7 Curved computer is on display at the Samsung booth during the International CES last week in Las Vegas.
With 170,000 attendees and more than 3,600 exhibitors at CES 2015, one might overlook a gadget or two. With this disclaimer, here is this year’s list of the Top 10 Gadgets:

1. Volvo Connected Bicycle Helmet Three Swedish companies – Volvo, Ericsson, and POC – jointly developed this bicycling safety warning system, a welcome development given the 50,000 cyclists who are injured or killed each year in the United States. The helmet and vehicle connect and communicate using a smart phone app (Strava) and the cloud. If the vehicle is on a collision course with the bicycle, the system warns the driver, auto-brakes the vehicle and activates an alert light on the helmet. The system combines Ericsson’s communication technology with POC’s experience making protective gear for cyclists and it is now standard in Volvo XC90 models.  Hopefully, other auto manufacturers will incorporate this system.

Wireless Charging

2. Bracketron’s EZCharge Dual Two-Way Port This charger plugs into the 12-volt port in your car (nothing new). The nifty features of this charger are two USB ports that each accept the USB connector no matter which side is up when inserted. A bit pricey at $20.

3. Kodak’s PIXPRO SP360 Action Cam This small video cam (about the size of a Rubik’s cube) can do 360 degrees of filming in full HD/1080p using a single lens. It has Wi-Fi connectivity and can be controlled wirelessly with Android devices. It costs $349 at Radio Shack or Best Buy. (And it’s worth noting that Kodak is back, licensing its technology and brand with product developers.)

4. Slow Control’s Baby Glgl Bottle This baby bottle is enclosed in a hard plastic sleeve with an inclinometer that tracks the angle of the bottle and the weight. It helps protect against gas or colic by ensuring that the baby is not gulping in air; the bottle lights up with arrows when the angle should be adjusted to make sure the baby is sucking in only milk. Uses three batteries and costs about $100.

5. Weego Jump Starter Battery Pack (Professional JS18) This 12-volt lithium battery will fit in the glove compartment of your car. It comes with clamps and other accessories and can charge a 6.4-liter gas engine and a 4.8-liter diesel engine.  You can also charge smart phones and laptops. Charging time for the battery pack itself is five hours. Costs is $190.00 on the Weego website.

6. Oculus Rift VR HeadsetThis headset takes the viewer to a virtual world of games and other VR programming. Gaming is the first market for the headset, but there are already Hollywood studios exploring the creation of VR content, such as movies and television episodes, that would take the viewer to virtual worlds. The Oculus booth attracted lots of attention at CES 2015.  Not inexpensive, however, at $350.00.


7. WiTricity Rezence Wireless Charging Several technology companies displayed and promoted wireless charging, including Intel and Qualcomm. I received a close-up demonstration from WiTricity of its magnetic resonance repeater technology for room-scale wireless charging. A source repeater connected to a power source can be integrated into carpeting and floor tiles and then transfer power to a capture repeater underneath a desk, countertop or other surface. Placing your electronic device on the desk surface will wirelessly charge the device. Intel has partnered with WiTricity.

8. Chamberlain’s MyQ Garage Door Opener This is not your father’s garage door opener. Using Wi-Fi and your smart phone, you can check to see if the garage door is open and open or close the door from anywhere in the world. This is a do-it-yourself product that integrates with Apple’s HomeKit and sells for about $130.

9. NXT-ID’s WOCKET Smart Wallet This electronic wallet from NXT-ID, a mobile security company, can hold electronic versions of hundreds of credit and other cards yet is small enough to fit in your back pocket. It has a card reader, scanning capability, and a physical “universal” card. Credit cards can be swiped through the card reader to capture the electronic data needed to pay by credit card, meaning you can leave your cards at home. Other cards and identifications can be scanned into this smart wallet, too. For now, this can only be pre-ordered on the NXT-ID website. Not sure what you do when a cop pulls you over and asks for your driver’s license, though.

10. Minidrones. Drones (also known as UAVs, or unmanned aerial vehicles) seemed to be everywhere at CES 2015, but the two drone manufacturers that caught my attention are Parrot and Zano. Parrot had a cool demonstration of multiple Rolling Spider MiniDrones flying around and over several MiniDrone Jumping Sumos. FreeFlight3 is an app used to control the MiniDrones. Product reviews indicate there may be problems with battery charging time and holding the charge (maybe a little as eight minutes). Costs about $100 from Amazon. Zano’s Nano Drone is getting off the ground with Kickstarter funding. Tilting your phone can direct the movement of the drone. Looks like fun.