CES 2015: IoT, connected cars and more

CES 2015: IoT, connected cars and more



LAS VEGAS – The 2015 Consumer Electronics Show kicked off Monday with Pepcom’s Digital Experience in Las Vegas, where attendees demoed the latest in the “Internet of Things,” mobile money, connected cars and other hot tech products.

In the IoT space, Wink is a smartphone application that brings various home automation products — lights, power, door locks, security systems and other features — into one convenient interface.

Wink is billed as, “All your favorite smart products, simple app.”

Generally, individual home automation products come with unique control applications. Wink draws all of those functions into one app.

The product is compatible with IoT devices produced by Philips, Linear, Nest, Honeywell and many others.

In the rapidly emerging mobile money space, meet the Wocket smart wallet, which can store up to 10,000 ATM or credit cards, coupons, identifications and other types of cards. The smart wallet, retailing for $150, uses voice biometrics and a personal identification number to ensure security.

“Most consumers are familiar with the anxiety of losing a wallet filled with their cards, coupons and personal information,” Gino Pereira, CEO of NXT-ID, said.

“With Wocket, consumers finally have a convenient, attractive and secure modern solution to replace their wallet entirely and never again need to endure the risks of carrying a traditional wallet.”

Animal lovers delighted in the Petcube, a small micro-USB to AC device equipped with a camera, microphone and even the ability to remotely entertain your dog or cat.

Using a smartphone, a Petcube owner can remotely watch and listen to their pet. A user can also engage a laser pointer via an application and use their touchscreen to move the laser.

Petcube CEO Yaroslav Azhnyuk demonstrated that feature by remotely linking to a device in an Oakland, Calif., animal shelter. Running his finger across an iPhone screen, Azhnyuk immediately caught the attention of a big orange tabby and two of his friends.

“Usually you feel bad about leaving your pet at home,” he told RCR Wireless News. “You wonder what’s going on. We’ve solved all that.”

For more from CES 2015, check out http://www.rcrwireless.com and the RCR Wireless News YouTube channel.

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