CES 2015: 5 Best Products Launched At CES So Far

CES 2015: 5 Best Products Launched At CES So Far

Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is the largest tech show on the planet. Every year, companies all around the world gather to showcase their innovation. CES of this year, happening in Las Vegas, has been primarily about automobiles, UHD TVs and Internet of Things. We have also seen some of the great Windows machines. Here’s a bunch of gadgets that are our favorite so far:

Sony Smart B-Trainer: The Fitness-Tracking Headphone
Did you dream of headphones that double as a fitness tracker? Sony has made this a reality. The new headphone Smart B-Trainer launched at CES 2015 also work as a fitness tracker. The headphones have GPS included and offers automated advice during workout. The headphone is releasing this year.

Emiota Belty: So that you don’t have to adjust belts manually

Emiota Belty is one of the craziest products launched at the ongoing CES. The smart belt has been designed to automatically adjust itself, based on your activities for the day. It keeps an eye on your waistline and expands and contracts accordingly. The smartbelt equips an accelerometer and gyroscope and gives you a reminder if you need to work out more.

Wocket Smart Wallet: Because everything else has become ‘smart’

Have too many credit or debit cards? Have trouble remembering pass codes for each one of them? Meet Wocket Smart Wallet. The electronic wallet stores all the information of your existing cards on one device and imprints that info onto one. The smart wallet, one of the coolest things launched at CES, is capable of remembering 10,000 cards. Cost: $149.99.

Mercedes Benz F 015: We need self-driving supercars
Mercedes Benz F 015 is a self-driving supercar. The entire body has been made of a carbon-fiber/plastic blend. The car has a space-aged and sleek exterior. It has also got six HD touchscreen so that you don’t miss a movie.

Samsung 360 Degree Speakers

Remember the robot ‘Eva’ from Wall-E? The new 360-degree speaker from Samsung looks similar. Launched at this CES, the speaker equips ‘Ring Radiator’ technology, which fills a room with sound. These devices are also Bluetooth compatible.

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