DRMC Out of this World ✈ Aerospace and Industrial Metals

Subject: DRMC Out of this World ✈ Aerospace and Industrial Metals

Out of this World Aerospace and Industrial metals! 
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Definitive Rest Mattress Company, an Oklahoma corporation, with its headquarters in Southern California, The Company recently announced in early 2015 that it has changed its business direction to the Machine Tool and Metals Industries and related sectors with and emphasis in Aerospace, Commercial, Industrial Manufacturing, Distribution and Sales.
The company’s growth plans call for the company to acquire or develop entrepreneurial companies and operations with strong growth business plans and profit potential in such industry sectors.


About Our Company

NU Metals Technology is a company formed by Industry veterans with a clear objective to provide customers a new solution to their manufacturing needs. With a combined 50 years of experience in the Metals Sales and CNC  manufacturing industry the company directors set out to bring  a new format of doing business, by combining the source of networking with the business of distribution and sales, our objective is to connect one to another and use the power of information to make better business decisions. We understand the work it takes to stay in business, nothing is more important than relationships, we look forward to the opportunity to build one with you.

Metals Division

Our Metals division will provide an array of diverse metals products, based on the specific need of the customer, our sales group will have access to an extensive network of metals suppliers within our data base, our goal is to find the specific metals required by the customer, priced competitively within current market value and MILL specs if required. We thrive on challenges, let us do the work, we look forward to serving you.

CNC Division
NU Metals Technology has worked extensively in research and is ready to introduce a USA assembled CNC line of machines, offering the latest in Technology Driven Solutions, our CNC machines are designed with a well established format and technical capacity, combining knowledge experience of 40 years and a established global customer base NMT has partnered with an established manufacturer to bring global solutions to the USA market. (Please stay tuned the CNC division page is still in the works.)

Roller Burnishing

Our partner YAMASA, a global supplier of Burnishing Technology, offers a diverse base of solutions in surface finish, we are excited to offer this line of tools to our customer base, for us; burnishing is thinking out of the box. We are happy to help our costumers find the correct solution using this technology.

Visit NU Metals
Technology/ Metals
on the Web!http://www.numetalstech.com/

Definitive Rest Mattress Company (DRMC) The Company embarks on its previously announced new business direction by pursuing a share of the Billion Dollar Metals Work Industry.

Commercial Aircraft Sector/Boeing
The shape of the market We forecast a long-term demand for 35,280 new airplanes, valued at $4.8 trillion. We project that 14,350 of these new airplanes (41 percent of the total new deliveries) will replace older, less efficient airplanes, reducing the cost of air travel and decreasing carbon emissions. The remaining 20,930 airplanes will be for fleet growth, stimulating expansion in emerging markets and innovative airline business models. Approximately 24,670 airplanes (70 percent of new deliveries) will be single-aisle airplanes, reflecting growth in emerging markets such as China, and the continued expansion of low-cost carriers throughout the world. Wide body share will also increase, from 23 percent of today’s fleet to 24 percent in 2032. The 8,590 new wide body airplanes will allow airlines to continue expansion into more international markets.
The Company has positions itself in the Metals Work sector by its recent acquisition of NU Metals Technology/ Metals operations as well as the formation of its CNC Metals Division for CNC Machining.
To manage the Company’s new business direction of acquiring or developing entrepreneurial companies and operations with strong growth and profit potential, the Company has restructured its management organizational configuration. In doing so, The Company has formed a new wholly -owned holding company with the name of L&M Group Investments, Inc. that is to manage the Company’s diversifying operations.
The recent acquisition of NU Metals Technology subsidiary will be transferred to L&M Group Investments Inc. The newly formed CNC Division will also be operated by L&M Investments.

Definitive Rest Mattress Company

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