Totally Hemp Crazy Inc. to Be Featured on a National Broadcast Radio Show

Totally Hemp Crazy Inc. to Be Featured on a National Broadcast Radio Show


DALLAS, TX–(Marketwired – May 5, 2015) – Totally Hemp Crazy Inc. (OTC PINK: THCZ) announced today it will be featured on the national radio show “Your Monies Worth” on Friday, May 15th at 12 noon. Tom Shuman, CEO of THCZ, and Jerry Grisaffi, Founder of THCZ, will be interviewed by longtime radio host Mick Bazsuly of WWNN AM Miami-Fort Lauderdale.

The interview will be aired live worldwide on:

Webcast can be found at: and

The radio show “Your Monies Worth” has been continuously aired for thirteen years and is centered on interesting growth companies with unique potential.

Mick Bazsuly commented, “Hemp is the hottest industry today with many States now following the leads of the nation’s capital, Colorado, Washington State and Oregon as to immediate legalization. Its medical values are well known and the production being sold has all those benefits without the dangers of the caffeine overload as most energy drinks have today.”

Bazsuly continued, “This week’s radio show will also feature Cleartronics, another company of interest. We are always looking for companies we believe are heading north with rapid growth. These two solid growth companies represent leaders in their respective industries.”

Jerry Grisaffi, Founder of Totally Hemp Crazy, stated, “The Rocky Mountain High retail product launch is underway and based on initial sales and consumer reactions, we are convinced we have something special. In just a few short months, production has exceeded 1,000,000 units and we have another larger production run scheduled for June. We are confident our rapid growth will lead to a nationwide hemp infused drink sensation. Based on the current feedback from other parties, we are not alone in that belief.”

 About Totally Hemp Crazy Inc.:

Totally Hemp Crazy manufactures Rocky Mountain High hemp beverage drinks — a range of wickedly delicious hemp based beverages that is 100% legal and refreshing!

Visit us at:

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