Vycor Medical, Inc. Media Alert; Company’s NovaVision’s Vision Restoration Therapy Featured in Radio Interview

Vycor Medical, Inc. Media Alert; Company’s NovaVision’s Vision Restoration Therapy Featured in Radio Interview



Patient Shares Success Story and How “It’s the Only Option for Vision Therapy”
BOCA RATON, FL / ACCESSWIRE / June 4, 2015 / 

Vycor Medical, Inc. (“Vycor”) (VYCO), a provider of innovative and superior surgical and therapeutic solutions issues a media alert for NovaVision, one of its core business units. NovaVision was recently featured in radio interview with a patient discussing its unique neurostimulation therapy.

Former patient Carole Urban discusses her first-hand experience with Vision Restoration Therapy (VRT) on KSBT Radio FM 91.5 It’s Your Health. Carole had had lost her sight as a result of brain damage incurred from a motorcycle accident and has regained her life after undertaking NovaVision’s Vision Restoration Therapy (VRT).

Carole notes in the interview that she and her sister researched her options and that NovaVision’s Vision Restoration Therapy was the only vision therapy they could find. Despite the skepticism of her physician, she says her vision was restored to 91% as a result of using it for six months.
Carole Urban was interviewed earlier this month on WYPL 89.3 FM Memphis, TN “Eye On Vision” Radio Show, the show reaches a large group of visually impaired listeners through the show’s podcast. This interview was picked by the producer following hearing about Carole’s ability to run again and pursue her hobbies since she got her vision back.

In April Carole had also been interviewed on iHeartRadio and WLBY 1290 on the Ann Arbor’s Business Talk Radio, “The Lucy Ann Lance Radio Show”. WLBY,”Ann Arbor’s Talk Station carries nationally syndicated programs such as The Mike Huckabee Show, Geraldo Rivera, and John Bachelor.

NovaVision has the only commercially available, FDA cleared therapy underpinned by 15 years of research and clinical studies for the restoration of vision loss resulting from neurological brain damage of which Stroke and TBI are the most common causes.
Hear the radio interview:  https://soundcloud.com/novavision-1/carole-urban-may-28

About Vycor Medical, Inc.

With corporate headquarters in Boca Raton, FL, Vycor Medical, Inc. (“Vycor”) is a publicly traded company (VYCO) dedicated to providing the medical community with innovative and superior surgical and therapeutic solutions and has a growing portfolio of FDA cleared medical solutions that are changing and improving lives every day. The Company operates two business units: Vycor Medical and NovaVision, both of which adopt a minimally or non-invasive approach. Both technologies have exceptional sales growth potential, address large potential markets, have the requisite regulatory approvals and are commercialized and generating revenue.

Vycor Medical’s ViewSite(TM) Surgical Access Systems (VBAS) is a suite of clear cylindrical minimally invasive disposable devices that hold the potential for speedier, safer and more economical brain surgeries and a quicker patient discharge. VBAS is designed to optimize neurosurgical site access, reduce patient risk, accelerate recovery and add tangible value to the professional medical community. The company is ISO 13485:2003 compliant, has U.S. FDA 510(k) clearance for brain and spine surgeries and full regulatory approvals for brain in Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Europe (EU – Class III), Korea and Japan and is seeking or has partial regulatory approvals in India, Russia, Taiwan and Vietnam. For an overview of Vycor Medical’s VBAS see VBAS Video.

NovaVision develops and provides science-driven neurostimulation therapy and other medical technologies that help improve and partially restore sight in patients with neurological vision impairments. The company’s proprietary Visual Restoration Therapy(R) (VRT) platform is clinically supported to improve lost vision resulting from stroke, traumatic brain injury (“TBI”), or other acquired brain injuries. VRT is the only FDA 510K cleared medical device in the U.S. aimed at the restoration of vision for neurologically induced vision loss and can be prescribed by any physician. VRT also has CE Marking for the EU. NovaVision also provides Neuro Eye Therapy (NeET) in the EU, aimed at increasing visual sensitivity deep within the field defect.

The Company has also developed NeuroEyeCoach(TM), a therapy which is highly complementary to VRT(TM). The two therapies address different visual disabilities each of which results from neurologically-induced vision loss – a loss of visual field as well as difficulty with eye movement, affecting the ability to integrate visual information. VRT provides partial restoration of the patient’s lost visual field; NeuroEyeCoach(TM) is designed to increase the efficiency of eye movement and re-train the patients’ ability to integrate visual information between the left and right hand side. For an overview of NovaVision see NovaVision Video.

For the latest information on the company, including media and other coverage, and to learn more, please go online at:  http://www.vycormedical.com, http://www.vycorvbas.com or http://www.novavision.com.

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