Green Cures (Otc: GRCU) Announces Buy Out to Instep Holdings LLC

Green Cures Announces Buy Out to Instep Holdings LLC

WINNETKA, CA / ACCESSWIRE / September 23, 2015 /
Green Cures & Botanical Distribution Inc. (GRCU) (“Green Cures”), Green Cures announces today the establishment of new ownership. InStep Holdings LLC, a Delaware Corporation has completed the buy out of Green Cures, and has acquired the controlling shares as of September 18, 2015.
These changes are intended to drive revitalization and growth across core consumable products, and to reinforce an overall business strategy to reconstruct a solid foundation. This is a transformational buy out which enables InStep to provide more value to their stakeholders and more effectively compete in a rapidly evolving competitive atmosphere.
Presently, there are no plans for a reverse split or AS increase, nor does the company have any plans to take part in any dilutive financing. Additionally, InStep will be working towards restructuring the current share structure as opportunities emerge. InStep Holdings will enhance the consumable products market and the overall environment to deliver results shareholders deserve.

Currently, the new management team is being assembled, and will be announced within the week. InStep Holdings will add value by adding a food and beverage line; the beverage line will bring a celebrity influence. InStep Holdings new website will also go live within the week. It will highlight the company’s strategic vision for growth and expansion over the next few months. The goal with the website will be to provide another resource for their partners and shareholders to learn more about the company, associates and products.

InStep Holdings LLC is focused on improving shareholder value and confidence through actively seeking fresh and creative ways to strengthen the company through distribution channels, restaurants, brokers and a variety of top quality products. InStep’s goal is to broaden their appeal and provide commitment to sustainability through executing strategies to grow responsible revenue.

About Green Cures & Botanical Distribution Inc.
Green Cures & Botanical Distribution Inc. is a development stage company that retails and wholesales hemp-infused nutritional, botanical, sports, and body care products. The company is currently Web-based and focuses on online retailing. Green Cures & Botanical Distribution Inc. operates a diverse portfolio of products and services within the botanical and cannabis industry, as permitted by law. From concept to production and distribution, Green Cures & Botanical Distribution Inc. is continuously creating and introducing products that promote a healthy life style.


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