Southridge Enters Into a $3.5 Million Equity Purchase Agreement With Redux Holdings, Inc.

Southridge Enters Into a $3.5 Million Equity Purchase Agreement With Redux Holdings, Inc.
September 21, 2015
RIDGEFIELD CT– Stephen Hicks, Chairman and CEO of Southridge, an Institutional investor, has announced that they have entered into an Equity Purchase Agreement with Redux Holdings, Inc. (RDXH)
Redux Holdings, Inc. is a multi-faceted technology company that takes pride in bringing revolutionary, life altering technology to the “people”. With a focus on creating a new system to increase food production, Redux Holdings, Inc. specializes in innovation to create a better quality world for its customers. The A3 Vertical Farming Technology helps to reduce water usage during the farming process by up to 75% outdoors, and up to 95% indoors. This technology is compatible with aquaponics and hydroponics farming methods, while maintaining full control over the ability to grow either organically or non-organically. This system can be easily adapted to grow a wide array of produce, giving Redux Holdings, Inc. an edge in the commercial Vertical Farming market.
Southridge is dedicated to helping clients achieve their intended goals.
About Southridge
Southridge is a diversified financial holding company specializing in direct investment and advisory services to small and middle market companies. Since 1996 the structured finance team has made direct investment of over $1.8 billion into growth companies globally. Our expertise lies in our ability to customize a financing plan for the prospective client and then execute on that plan without fail.
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