New Generation Consumer Group Announces Agreement With Bout Management

New Generation Consumer Group Announces Agreement With Bout Management

WHITTIER, CA–(Marketwired – Oct 14, 2015) – New Generation Consumer Group Inc. (OTC PINK: NGCG) is pleased to inform to its shareholders that a ‘Consultant’ agreement between Bout Management, LLC (BOUT) and NGCG has been made and was executed on Tuesday, October 13, 2015. Des W Woodruff, BOUT’s president, will serve as NGCG’s company consultant for a term of one (1) year, with the option to extend this term.
Companies that grow and thrive over the long term usually do so because of a number of aspects, including a clear sense of direction, market leadership, quality products, and an effective business model that’s supported by vibrant philosophies, solid business methods, and a talented team with the ability to execute. NGCG is committed to continue to build its team and strengthen its market share. NGCG welcomes Woodruff and all that he has to offer.
Woodruff is a prolific businessman who is known worldwide for his savvy investment strategies and skillsets. As an entrepreneur, Woodruff has created and operated several businesses. One thriving business Woodruff created is GrokTrade, a financial education brand, which delivers both basic and advanced investment education to traders globally online. Nearly 30,000 students have been taught Woodruff’s trading/investment strategies. Woodruff has been actively trading the live markets for nearly two decades and is a respected institutional trader who helped managed securities for sizable accounts. Along with running one of the nation’s largest trading clubs, Woodruff is also a public speaker and has his investment articles published for national distribution.
NGCG purpose is to have Woodruff serve to help it reach important benchmarks that are deemed important to most investors. Woodruff says, “It’s important for NGCG to meet important metrics for value investors who follow fundamental analysis and look at both qualitative and quantitative characteristics of a company to judge whether the business is currently in or out of favor with the market and worth their capital investments. My goal is to make NGCG a stock that many will kick themselves for not buying earlier.”
Woodruff’s aim is to help NGCG strengthen any current shortcomings, increase revenue, create value, maximize growth, and improve business performance to gain favor and attention with prospective new investors. Woodruff will deliver recommendations for metric goals, new strategies, changes to current strategies, management, and general operations of the company. Woodruff will identify opportunities for NGCG and recommend healthy directional changes geared to bring value to NGCG’s shareholders.
NGCG’s management has agreed to compensate BOUT and Ken Shamrock, Inc. (who will serve in a greater role as the company’s spokesperson and commercial talent) with shares of NGCG from their personal holdings instead of issuing new shares. BOUT and Ken Shamrock, Inc. have agreed to accept all the shares as restricted that span six (6) months to one (1) year.
Phil Longoria, NGCG’s Corporate Relations Officer states, “NGCG is very excited to have Des and Ken on board. NGCG is focused on making solid moves that have impact, and we are fortunate to have the market experience Bout will bring to enable NGCG to continue stable growth by implementing strategic business approaches that will benefit every stakeholder.”
BOUT will be instrumental in helping NGCG achieve new levels of performance. NGCG continues to initiate change in its culture, and will continue to refine and develop its team to garner continued

About New Generation Consumer Group, Inc.

New Generation Consumer Group, Inc. (NGCG) is a marketing and media company that currently operates through four separate divisions: Mucho Macho, VIP Spirits, Monster Marketing, and our Snack Division. Mucho Macho features Mucho Macho Michelada Mix as its featured product. Our VIP Spirits Division will feature Excuse as our premium liqueur brand. Our initial alcohol product will be a Top Shelf Liqueur infused Premium Imported Vodka in a variety of different flavors, followed by Excuse Whiskey. Monster Marketing provides graphic design, web development, and brand management, in addition to other various services to its clients to help them gain more customers, increase sales, aid in selling products and services and or to create brand awareness. Our snack division brings consumers spicy and intense flavoring of noticeable quality for today’s particular tastes. Additional information may be found at,, or

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