Wallets Get Smart With Wocket



[CES 2016] Even wallets would like to get smarter this year – and the Wocket looks to be the first in potentially many devices of a similar genre down the road. The Wocket smart wallet, as it is called, happens to be a physical wallet, albeit with a difference. It will not bend as easily as your regular leather or PVC wallet due to the fact that it has electronic components within and a non-bendable display, so for those who love to place their wallets in their tight back pockets, you might want to think twice. Basically, you key in your credit card, ATM and debit card details into the Wocket, and you no longer need to physically tote those cards around no more. With a capacity to store up to 10,000 card information within, it can be said to be a wallet that lasts a lifetime. Who has 10,000 credit, debit and ATM cards anyway?

Setting it up is a snap – just follow the instructions on the screen, and you should not have any issues at all. Cards with a magnetic stripe will require you to swipe each one into the Wocket to have i stash the information, and if you have other kinds of cards without magnetic stripes, ala voter registration or insurance cards, then key in the information manually via the Wocket’s touchscreen.

Purchasing something just requires you to swipe the Wocket Card, and it is done. Should your Wocket fall prey to a theft, fret not, it will be secured with a tamper-proof chip that is biometrically locked to you, so no data within can be accessed without your express permission. Right now, Wocket does not support chip and PIN technology, meaning it is more suitable for North America than anywhere else. Tipping the scales at 4 ounces, it arrives in a shade of Midnight Black with more color options to be made available in due time. The asking price for the Wocket stands at $179 apiece.

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