Rocky Mountain High Brands, Inc. (RMHB) Now OU Kosher Certified

Rocky Mountain High Brands, Inc. (OTC PINK:RMHB) announced today that the upcoming production run of Rocky Mountain High Beverages will be Kosher Certified by the oldest and largest agency, the Orthodox Union (OU).


The first independent kosher certification agency was founded by the Orthodox Union (OU) in 1924. Kosher certification expanded in the 1930s as major brands such as Coca-Cola sought certification to expand their market. When a product or establishment is certified kosher, shoppers know that the Company complies with a strict policy of kosher food laws including cleanliness, purity and quality.
The Orthodox Union’s Kosher Division headed by CEO Menachem Genack is the world’s largest kosher certification agency. The OU supervises more than 400,000 products in 8,000 plants in 80 different countries. From small manufacturers to food giants such as Kraft, ConAgra, Snapple and Tropicana, the kosher certification provides the highest standard of quality across the world. Integrity and only the highest compliance of kosher standards remain the very foundation upon which day to day activities in today’s rapidly changing environment.
Kosher food has become a big business. More than 10,000 kosher food-producing companies operate in the United States alone, making more than 135,000 retail products for some 12 million American consumers. Surprisingly, only about 8 percent of kosher consumers are religious Jews who only eat kosher food; the rest choose kosher food for reasons related to health, food safety, taste, vegetarianism and lactose intolerance, or to satisfy non-Jewish religious requirements. Whatever the mix of reasons, the U.S. Kosher market generates more than $12 billion in annual retail sales. In fact, more products are labeled Kosher than are labeled organic, natural or premium.
Jerry Grisaffi, Founder of RMHB, commented, “Rocky Mountain High Brands strives to deliver the best hemp-infused products possible. Being Kosher certified is a big step in assuring our customers that our products are in fact made of the best ingredients money can buy. As Rocky Mountain High Brands grow, we feel that our product quality is of the greatest importance. As a result, Rocky Mountain High Brands makes every attempt to guarantee that consumers have complete confidence in all of our product offerings.”

About Rocky Mountain High Brands:

Rocky Mountain High Brands is a pioneer in the hemp-infused food and beverage industry.  We currently offer five delicious hemp-based beverages that are 100% legal and refreshing!
Interested investors, our stock symbol is RMHB.

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James Gang: (214) 763-0024

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