Rocky Mountain High Brands, Inc. (RMHB) Announces One Million Plus Can Production Run

Rocky Mountain High Brands, Inc. (RMHB) Announces One Million Plus Can Production Run

-New Larger 16 Ounce Cans with a Bold New Look will be Introduced to Consumers-

DALLAS, April 18, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —
Rocky Mountain High Brands, Inc. (OTC PINK:RMHB) announced today that the Company has ordered two production runs in the month of May totaling over a million cans.
Jerry Grisaffi, Founder of RMHB, commented, “In May, we will introduce new 16-ounce cans with bold new designs creating a broader appeal on store shelves. Coconut Lime will now be offered as an energy drink and Mango energy has been reformulated with beet sugar, making its new taste sensational.”
Due to high consumer demand, the first production run of 660,000 cans will be the original 12-ounce leaf design. The majority of this order has already been pre-sold and the Company expects to sell out this inventory quickly.
The new 16-ounce can run of 900,000 will be produced later in the month.  The new cans have been specifically designed for acceptance into retail and big box store locations. They feature a bold new design that will create higher visibility on store shelves. In conjunction with the new can design, a restyled consumer friendly beverage cooler illuminating our new graphics will be available at retail outlets.
Jerry Grisaffi added, “We will be announcing several well-established distributors supplying various chain stores across the country in the coming weeks. Due to the pre-orders of Rocky Mountain High products already in the pipeline, we expect fourth quarter sales for our fiscal year ending June 30 to be robust. Summertime is beverage season and we have made significant strides toward making Rocky Mountain High this summer’s ‘in drink’.”
About Rocky Mountain High Brands:
ROCKY MOUNTAIN HIGH BRANDS, INC, is a consumer goods company specializing in brand development of health conscious, hemp-infused food and beverage products. The Company currently markets a lineup of four naturally flavored hemp-infused beverages (Citrus Energy, Black Tea, Mango Energy and Lemonade) and a low calorie hemp-infused Coconut Lime Energy drink. In the near future, the Company will introduce hemp-infused food products that include a protein bar, an energy bar, and a chia crisp bar.  Rocky Mountain High Brands plans to offer hemp-infused 2oz. energy shots and 2.5oz. coffee shots to its product line.
For Interested investors, our stock symbol is RMHB.  

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James Gang: (214) 763-0024

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