WRAPmail Now Available For Android

WRAP mail is now available to everyone on Android-Google 

WRAPmail, Inc. ( OTC: WRAP ) http://www.wrapmail.com is pleased to announce WRAPmail 2.0 is now available to everyone on Android and can be downloaded straight from the Google Play Store , Android users can now enjoy the full features and benefits of the most dynamic email enhancement app on the market today, other users can visit http://www.wrapmail.com to download the product.



CEO Marco Alfonsi commented,

 “Were very pleased to be able to offer the Android community the
latest version of WRAPmail, this is the company’s initial push into mobile and we look forward to being able to reach all users on all platforms in the very near future”.


About WRAPmail, Inc.

WRAPmail, Inc. is comprised of two complimentary business offerings. 
Its first offering, WRAPmail, is a Patented interactive email stationery for regular (one-on- one) business and personal emails. The WRAPmail solution combines its proprietary patented
technology with custom marketing content and provides a next generation marketing e-
mail platform for organizations and individuals.


The company provides a "rich" e-mail letterhead solution to organizations and individuals allowing e-mail correspondence to be written on letterhead as opposed to a blank sheet of paper, which is today's current practice.
Basically, a "rich" e-mail message is one that includes one or more of the
following multi-media features — graphics, pictures, text, audio, video, animation and




WRAPmail has developed a platform of rich e-mail software features based on
industry standards packaged as an integrated, turnkey server-centric product that resides
in the cloud.

Secondly, WRAPmail, Inc. offers Prosperity Bullseye, a Document, project
and Sales Management system with a focus on Document retention and Compliance.


Please visit WRAPmail at: http://www.wrapmail.com

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