HealthTalk Live (HLTK) To Introduce High Alkaline Artesian Spring Mineral Water Product

HealthTalk Live (HLTK) To Introduce High Alkaline Artesian Spring Mineral Water Product

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HealthTalk Live, Inc. ( OTCQB : HLTK ) a fully reporting consumer goods company specializing in health and wellness food and beverage products announced a joint venture with the Spring Hill Water Company of Cut Bank Montana. The partnership agreement will allow Humble Water Company a subsidiary of HealthTalk Live, Inc. to process and bottle water from this unique 3,000-year-old “protected” high pH aquifer.

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Spring Hill Water Company a Native American (Blackfeet Tribal Member) Corporation and Humble Water Company have agreed to build a facility that will process and bottle water in 100% biodegradable bottles that generate yearly revenues. This ancient water comes from the Artesian Springs located on the Blackfeet Nation near Browning, Montana. This endless supply of naturally alkaline mineral water is the next step in the company’s investment into the health and wellness sector.

What truly separates this bottled water from the competition is its purity. This is not city tap water that has gone through reverse osmosis, this is arguably the purest naturally filtered water in the world. Our ancient artesian water contains essential minerals for your body that tastes cool and refreshing.


“Artesian springs are different than well water. Artesian springs are deep bodies of prehistoric water that may be thousands of years old. The multiple layer’s complex beds of rock, clay, and granite act to filter out all the contaminants. We believe this is one of nature’s purest water filters,” says Daniel Crawford CEO. “The artesian water will be packaged in a 100% eco-friendly container using the best sustainable materials to ensure that we stick to our green packaging roots.”

It is estimated that more than 100 billion plastic bottles are added to landfills each year. When a traditional plastic bottle enters a landfill, it can take thousands of years to break down – if ever. As you can imagine, this can have a profound impact on our environment.

In order for plastics to properly break down, tiny microscopic organisms must find the discarded products an irresistible morsel, and begin consuming it bite by bite. Only then, can the item be broken down in its entirety. Traditional plastics are unattractive to microbes and therefore inedible.


Many products on the market claim to be biodegradable but are in fact only compostable and are unable to degrade in a landfill environment, or the product simply breaks down into smaller pieces (plastic flakes).

Spring Hill Water Co’s bio bottles accelerate the natural biodegradation of plastics in biologically active landfills and anaerobic digesters as validated by independent certified laboratories using internationally recognized test methods. Plastics enhanced with the bio bottles are also FDA recognized materials which are deemed “food grade.”

bv1 now available.jpgnow available 2.jpgnow available 3.jpg

The bio bottles are comprised of organic materials designed to attract microbial activity. These microorganisms upon consuming the

bio bottle material excrete enzymes that weaken and depolymerize the plastic. The result is biogases and inert humus.

Independent 3rd party testing has shown up to 24.7% biodegradation within 160 days under optimal conditions. Approximate 100% biodegradation is achieved just under 4 years in optimized conditions.

About Spring Hill Water Co.:

Spring Hill Water Co. is a fully owned and operated Native American enterprise. Ron Doore, CEO has had many successes with his Hydroponic farming innovation company Sun Roads Farmory

Visit Sun Roads Farmory at:

Spring Hill Water Company will be operated and run by the community, providing countless jobs. Unemployment in the local community hovers around 75% this new water plant will be a major boost to the local economy.


About HealthTalk Live, Inc.:

HealthTalk Live, Inc., a Santa Monica California-based consumer and media company specializing in the brand development of health conscious, hemp-infused food and beverage products.


Humbly Hemp is a product line of delicious hemp based products. The snack line will feature hemp and CBD based foods that will delight the palette of consumers and thrill retailers with America’s fastest growing food category. A new CBD hemp based water line will be soon introduced sourced from an exclusive spring that is high in alkalinity and pure as the driven snow from where it came.

Interested investors, our stock symbol is:  HLTK.

Corporate Website:

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To stay informed with up-to-the-minute details on the upcoming launch and local happenings, friends and fans of the hemp-friendly company can sign up for the Humbly Hemp Founders Club by visiting the official website:


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