Boston Marathon Bombing We Need To Catch The Culprits

Boston Marathon Bombings An “Act of Terror” At the White House today President Barack Obama called the Boston Marathon bombings an “act of terror” but said it is not clear yet whether they were the work of a foreign or domestic group or a “malevolent individual.” Obama urged Americans to be vigilant and to watch for suspicious activity a day after two explosions rocked the finish line of the marathon, killing at least three people and wounding scores more.

Police have not taken anyone into custody in connection with their investigation, Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis said today. A total of 176 people were treated at area hospitals as a result of the attacks and 17 are in critical condition, Davis told a news conference.

A person who was injured in an explosion near the finish line of the 117th Boston Marathon is taken away from the scene on a stretcher.Late Monday, police searched a Boston area apartment of a Saudi Arabian student who was injured in the blast, law enforcement sources said.

Today, law enforcement sources briefed on the case said that the evidence was indicating that the Saudi student, who had been temporarily considered a “person of interest” in the investigation, would be cleared of suspicion and was unlikely to shed any light on the attack.

Richard Deslauriers, FBI special agent in charge of the investigation, declined to name any people being interviewed in the case.

Dispelling earlier reports of as many as seven devices being found around Boston, Gene Marquez, assistant special agent in charge for the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, said authorities had determined that the only bombs deployed in the attack were the two that detonated shortly before 3 p.m. ET on Monday.

Any unexploded device might have provided a clearer picture of what materials were used and how the bomb was assembled, furnishing leads in the case.

Obama: Americans ‘refuse to be terrorized’

Debris is seen along Boylston Street after explosions went off at the 117th Boston Marathon.Obama, briefed by FBI Director Robert Mueller, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano and other national security aides, said there is still much to be investigated in what was the worst attack on U.S. soil since Sept. 11, 2001.

There is no sense of a motive and no indication as to who planted the bombs and detonated them, he said, condemning it as a “heinous and cowardly act.”

“Any time bombs are used to target innocent civilians, it is an act of terror,” Obama said. “What we don’t yet know, however, is who carried out this attack or why, whether it was planned and executed by a terrorist organization – foreign or domestic – or was the act of a malevolent individual.”

A man in a bomb-disposal suit investigates the site of an explosion which went off on Boylston Street during the 117th Boston Marathon.The president ordered the U.S. flag atop the White House lowered to half staff in memory of the victims.

He said the investigation into the bombings is just beginning.

“It will take time to follow every lead and determine what happened. But we will find out,” Obama said. “We will find whoever harmed our citizens and we will bring them to justice. We also know this: the American people refuse to be terrorized.”

Boehner: ‘We will come together’

Congressional leaders reflected with grief on the tragic loss of life, but had few immediate answers as to the nature of the attack.

The flag over the U.S. Capitol was at half staff and there were signs of increased security on the grounds today.

House Speaker John A. Boehner said words can’t express the “sorrow” lawmakers feel for the families that lost loved ones and for those who were wounded. The attack was a reminder “of just how vulnerable” we are, he said, “in this era of what I’ll call modern warfare.”

“We don’t know who perpetrated this or for what reasons, but I’m confident that we’ll get to the bottom of it,” he said at a news conference. “It’s a terrible day for all Americans, but we carry on in the American spirit. We will come together with grace and with strength.”

The U.S. Senate opened as usual with a prayer from Chaplain Barry Black, who said the bombings “remind us that we live in a dangerous world and that human life, regardless of the level of physical excellence, is fragile.”

Downtown off limits

A person who was injured in an explosion near the finish line of the 117th Boston Marathon is taken away from the scene in a wheelchair.A large area of downtown Boston remained cordoned off by police today as authorities pursued their probe. A stretch of Boylston Street and the blocks around it were closed to traffic as police searched for evidence of the identity of who placed the bombs packed with ball bearings to maximize casualties.

In Boston, dozens of police and national guard vehicles were parked around the cordoned-off area, which was empty of cars and pedestrians as authorities hunted for clues.

A banner that had marked the race’s finish line still hung over the deserted street.

Search turns to the public

Bystanders tend to an injured man following explosions at the Boston Marathon.U.S. investigators led by the FBI are poring over video and photographs from the widely watched marathon for clues to determine who is responsible for the bombs.

Because the Boston Marathon is run by 27,000 people and some 500,000 come to watch every year, officials expect plenty of visual evidence into what happened before and after two devices exploded as hundreds of runners streamed to the finish line at Copley Plaza in Boston’s Back Bay neighborhood.

Some victims would require further surgery in the coming days, said Peter Fagenholz, a trauma surgeon at Massachusetts General Hospital.

Bystanders help an injured woman at the scene of the first explosion on Boylston Street near the finish line of the 117th Boston Marathon.“We’re seeing a lot of shrapnel injuries” from small metal debris, Fagenholz told reporters outside the hospital. Doctors treated 29 people, of whom eight were in a critical condition.

An 8-year-old boy was among the dead. A two-year-old was being treated at Boston Children’s Hospital for a head wound, the hospital said.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is heading the investigation with help from city, state and federal officials, FBI Special Agent Richard DesLauriers said at an evening news conference.

CIA joins probe

Exlosions go off near the finish line of the 117th Boston Marathon.Police have told people, including the thousands of visitors who came to participate in Boston’s signature sporting event, to stay inside and not congregate in open spaces.

In addition to domestic law enforcement, intelligence agencies such as the CIA and the National Counterterrorism Center have joined the investigation.

At least two, essentially contradictory, theories about who might be behind the explosions were under immediate consideration by investigators, officials told Reuters on the condition of anonymity.

One theory, based at least in part upon the timing of the bombings – on the day when U.S. tax returns are due and also on the day of the Boston Marathon, which is customarily held on Patriots’ Day – implies that domestic right-wing extremists, such as anti-government anti-tax activists, could be behind the attacks.

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Artic to lose Summer Ice in 35 years

As the Arctic’s melting slowly has slowly progressed, large holes and landslides have appeared across the landscape (Photo : Reuters)

The Arctic could be nearly free of summer ice by the middle of the twenty-first century, with some predictions claiming it could happen within a few decades.


Scientists have been using three different models to predict how climate change will affect the ice flows of the Arctic, and it looks like a matter of time before the area is almost ice free, according to an article by NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration).


James Overland, from NOAA’s Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory, had this to say about the shrinking ice of the Arctic.


“Rapid Arctic sea ice loss is probably the most visible indicator of global climate change; it leads to shifts in ecosystems and economic access, and potentially impacts weather throughout the northern hemisphere …Increased physical understanding of rapid Arctic climate shifts and improved models are needed that give a more detailed picture and timing of what to expect so we can better prepare and adapt to such changes. Early loss of Arctic sea ice gives immediacy to the issue of climate change.”


The first model used to track ice loss in the Arctic is the “trendsetters” approach, where predictions are based on past sea ice loss data. This model would predict a nearly ice-free Arctic by 2020. The “stochasters” model is based on seemingly random years of rapid sea ice loss, such as those in 2007 and 2012. This model predicts near-total ice loss by 2030, though given the model’s nature it has a lot of unknown variables that could affect the model. Finally, the “modelers” gathers large amounts of data to form atmospheric, ocean, land, and sea predictions for the Arctic. This model would have the Arctic warming up to eradicate most of it’s ice sometime between 2040-2060.


While these models predict huge amounts of ice loss, the Arctic would not completely lose its ice, as parts of Canada and Greenland would continue to covered in Arctic ice.

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Greenestone Healthcare Helping Professionals stay healthy!


. .

GRST Healthcare Corp.


Mission Statement

To be the trusted partner to organizations and their executive workforce by providing executives with seamless access to the health and performance professionals they need, when they need it, to perform at their best in the workplace.

GreeneStone Healthcare Corporation

GreeneStone Healthcare Corporation is a Colorado Corporation incorporated under Colorado Law on April 1, 1993. GreeneStone Healthcare Corporation has developed and is operating Medical Clinics in the province of Ontario, Canada under the Greenestone label. There are two subsidiary’s operating clinics providing government paid services and private paid services. These clinics primarily offer addiction treatment, cardiology and endoscopy procedures.

The challenge with most Executive health programs isn’t in the quality of the services they provide, it’s in the delivery. Executive medicals, counselling and coaching services are delivered by a variety of vendors, each one focused on providing only one service. While they can provide referrals to other services, there’s no communication between them to ensure that their clients have all the help they need. The process focuses on service delivery rather than the client.

Physical health, emotional wellbeing and performance are all interconnected. After examining most Executive Health Programs, we realized that integrating these three aspects of Executive health and wellness was critical to addressing Executives’ real “health” needs.

At GreeneStone, we feel it’s our job to recognize each Executive’s unique and diverse needs as they arise. Our case management approach focuses on assessing the client’s needs and collaborating with specialists to address these needs with integrated services.

Our process is simple and seamless:

We offer initial intake by a highly-trained case manager who facilitates triage to best-in-class physicians, clinicians and coaches.

Specialists communicate with each other and with the client within a holistic context which leads to a better experience for the Executive and better outcomes overall. We focus on continuity and quality in case management and total client experience throughout the process with the highest regard for professionalism and confidentiality.

Seamless cross-referrals from one program to another enable clinical efficacy, operational efficiency, proactive problem-solving and comprehensive support for the full range of health and performance-compromising problems Executives may face.

Internet Radio Interview:

The interview can be heard at

GreeneStone’s Chief Executive Officer, Shawn Leon, called into to go over the business model, market, recent news for company, and the goals for GRST in 2013. GreenStone recently reported total revenues increase of 230% to $5,540,909, as compared to $1,678,804 for same period in 2011.

Greenestone Healthcare Corp.

5734 Yonge Street, Suite 300 • New York, ONT M2M 4E7 • Phone: (416) 222-5501


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Medical Wireless Market Set to Explode Increasing 770% Annually

American Diversified Holdings Corp. (PC) (USOTC:ADHC)
Intraday Stock Chart

Today : Monday 18 March 2013

Click Here for more American Diversified Holdings Corp. (PC) Charts.

DEL MAR, CA–(Marketwire – March 18, 2013) –

Radio Info Logo

CEO Interview with may be accessed by clicking on the following link:

Technological advances, coupled with promises of lowered costs and improved customer care, are increasingly getting hospitals interested in wireless patient monitoring devices. According to ABI Research, 5.7 million patients will be monitored with a wireless medical device by 2014, compared with 320,000 today. This represents a $950 million market and a 770% compound annual growth rate

American Diversified Holdings Corporation (PINKSHEETS: ADHC) has refocused its corporate direction and is in the processing of creating a secure mobile application platform in the mHealth arena specifically designed for the Apple iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and other mobile platforms including the Android platform developed by Google.

Management has been working with leading developers and expects to unveil products capable of generating significant revenue in the 2nd quarter of 2013. Remote Health Monitoring Systems, Electronic Medical Records and Personalized Medicine are the areas of the Health Care sector that ADHC’s team is currently addressing for the mobile applications market.

The latest report from market research firm Gartner indicated the Mobile Apps Markets is poised for continued growth for 2014 predicting 185 billion downloaded, for a total of $58 billion in revenue.

The healthcare industry is among the fastest growing handheld device markets. The total market for handheld devices in healthcare reached $8.8 billion in 2010, a 7% increase from 2009. The estimated market in the mobile health care sector are estimated to grow in line with the general market estimates.

“We are excited to be at the forefront of the development of secure mobile software that will aid in the collection, analyzing and presentation of data for the healthcare market. Our technology partners have been developing software in the security and data protection markets for over ten years and we look forward to taking that expertise into the mobile platform market. We are very optimistic that we can work with the Healthcare Industry and Healthcare providers to acquire content for the fast growing mobile platforms,” commented ADHC.

The App Store model has become the standard for all the smartphone platforms, with RIM, Microsoft, Palm, and Google each building a similar way for developers to make apps available, and for users to find them and pay for them. Developers will have to understand which platform’s App store is best to promote their App.

American Diversified Holdings Corporation is developing a platform for the Mobile Health Care Market as the medical profession gears up to go electronic not only for medical records but also for direct patient monitoring and information. ADHC’s mHealth Division will Focus on Mobile Health Care Applications for iPhone, iPad, Android and Other Mobile Devices. ADHC is developing applications for the iPhone, iPad, Android and Other Mobile Devices tailored for specific ailments and protocols to allow medical professionals to monitor patients, get instant feedback and constantly adjust treatments to allow greater flexibility and response time in meeting individual patient needs. mHealth or mobile Health is a term used for the practice of medical and public health, supported by mobile devices. The term is most commonly used in reference to using mobile communication devices, such as mobile phones for Health Services and

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Medical Alarm Concepts Provides Investor Update – Signs Deal with Health Care Insurance Provider for Medical Alarms

KING OF PRUSSIA, Pa., March 4, 2013 Medical Alarm Concepts Holding, Inc. (OTCPink: MDHI), today provided details about its recently accelerating growth rate and a contract signed with a diversified national insurer where Medical Alarm Concepts will become a provider of personal medical alarms.

Under the terms of the new agreement, the diversified national insurer will offer the Company’s MediPendant® product and monthly monitoring services to subscribers of selected healthcare programs. Additionally, the Company’s MediPendant® product has been, or may be, included in their dual demonstration program (Medicare and Medicaid) related contracts on which they may bid. Additional information regarding this contract can be viewed on the website hosted by the US Securities & Exchange Commission at the following link:

Mr. Ronnie Adams commented, “We are expecting this contract to generate growth in revenues and earnings. As a result of gaining this contract, we plan to expand our business operations in the areas of manufacturing, financial management, research and development, and logistics.”

Over the past few months Medical Alarm Concepts has been experiencing strong growth in revenues due to an expanding retail presence, strong Internet sales and new international opportunities. Having now reached operational cash flow profitability, the Company is expecting to report positive cash flow for the full quarter ending March 31, 2013 and throughout calendar 2013.

“We are very pleased that our cash flow will be based on very high quality recurring revenues. Our retail partnerships remain strong. This week we began the first of two promotions that are scheduled for the late winter and early spring period. Thus far, sales have been extremely robust, which is strongly adding to our recurring monthly revenue base. We are expecting calendar 2013 to be a year of very strong growth and cash flow,” said Mr. Ronnie Adams.

trade affiliations

The MediPendant® is a second-generation personal medical alarm and the only product in its category that allows for monitored, two-way communications directly through the pendant along with patented voice prompts. Older generations of technology require the user to be in close proximity to the base station in order to speak and listen to the operator. With the MediPendant®, the customer can be anywhere within approximately 600 feet of their home and in the event of an emergency, speak and listen to the EMT trained operator directly through the pendant.

Additional information on the MediPendant® can be viewed at

About MDHI

Medical Alarm Concepts Holdings, Inc. (MAC) develops and manufactures innovative products and practical solutions within the framework of a vast growing marketplace. MediPendant’s® patented two-way voice technology enables the user to speak and listen directly through the pendant no matter where the user may be in and around their home. MediPendant® service also includes advanced features such as three-way calling that enables the operator to link loved ones directly into the emergency call in real time. Text message alerts are also standard, and are used to inform loved ones that the user has contacted an operator or has requested assistance. A standard PERS system does not enable the user to speak and listen through the pendant, thus limiting them to a small area in their home. There is always the risk that the user will not be heard by the call center operator if they are not within a short range of the base station.

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MusclePharm Named the 2012 GNC “Rising Star” Sports Vendor

MusclePharm is the 2012 GNC “Rising Star” Award Recipient

Denver, Co., Marketwire / Feb 2013

MusclePharm_New_Brand_01MusclePharm Corporation (OTCQB: MSLP), a nutritional supplement company focused on active lifestyles, is proud to announce it was given the 2012 GNC “Rising Star” vendor award by GNC in the sports category. The announcement was made by GNC on Friday, February 22, 2013 as part of the 2012 GNC Top Vendor Awards. GNC is the largest specialty retailer of health and wellness products in the U.S.

TN-130760_2012_Rising_Star_Spo1A7A141_originalThe GNC Rising Star award is given annually to an emerging brand that has demonstrated strong sales growth in a short time period. The winner has proven to fully support GNC customers in regards to favorable promotional activity and programs and show significant growth potential.

As part of the announcement, MusclePharm was characterized as an outstanding vendor for GNC making many high quality products our customers love. They focus on products for active lifestyles and you can’t miss their packaging with the unmistakable green dominating their section in GNC. Some of their popular products at GNC include Assault, Combat Powder, and Bullet Proof.”

MusclePharm Founder & CEO, Brad Pyatt, stated, “It is a significant achievement to have been tapped by GNC as the 2012 ‘Rising Star’ sports vendor. We greatly value our relationship with GNC and hope to see the volume of MusclePharm products sold by GNC continue to grow throughout 2013 and beyond.”

Mr. Pyatt continued, “Over the past 3 years, we have experienced a substantial increase in year-over-year revenue — growing from a sub $5 million company in 2010 to approximately $78 million in 2012. The MusclePharm brand has continued to gain momentum largely because we sell outstanding products that give our customers the results they are looking for.”


About MusclePharm Corp.:

musclepharm-w1600MusclePharm is a healthy lifestyle company that develops and manufactures nutritional supplements that address active lifestyles, including muscle building, weight loss and maintaining general fitness through a daily nutritional supplement regimen. The products are formulated through a six-stage research process using the expertise of leading nutritional scientists. MusclePharm’s products are sold to consumers in more than 110 countries and available in over 10,500 U.S. retail outlets, including Dick’s Sporting Goods, GNC, Vitamin Shoppe and Vitamin World. MusclePharm products also are sold through more than 100 online channels globally, including, and

Visit the corporate website at:

MarketWired-LogoFor more information:

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